AlienPC DG.D.X64.G16

Based on Debian GNOME desktop - Specialized for power users activities and vm player on more hardware pc resources. Email and Office Automation using cloud. The uses are:
  • Media Player 
  • File manager
  • Internet Browser
  • Remote Control 
  • Virtual Machine Player (VirtualBox/VmWare/Kvm)
  • 8Gb PenDisk/SD or HardDisk-SSD
  • 1Gb MbRam minimum, More for use as VM player.
  • x64 CPU - 1.2Ghz or more
  • Browser Navigator and online email. For Old PC user Midori instead of Chrome as Browser.
  • Media Player (VLC).
  • RDP, VNC, SPICE Client for remote control
  • Archive Manager: 7z/Zip
  • Image Viewer: Many Formats.
Tecnichal Information of this machine:
  • Default user: test
  • Default password: password
  • root password: password
  • vnc password: password
  • can be connected to windows smb drives and support ntfs/exfat drives.
  • hp printer client installed
Applications: See Applications page