From this section you can download our AlienPC in Virtual machine image and convert it to Real Pc format into PenDisk/HDD/SD.
  • You have to expand the file with 7zip. You can download it from its site and install
  • From 2015/07 we distribute AlienPC in 2 format. VMDK (default format) and Clonezilla. VMDK (Vmware Virtual Disk) can be converted to phisical disk using a software for Windows we tested.
The software to convert from VMDK to Pendisk/Hd is VMDKTOPHYSICAL Hd and we explain the use in this section:

File .7z is splitted in more archives (001, 002, ecc..). You have to download all and open the file .EXE to autoextract the VM.
  • VMDK format: AlienDXX32_VM.* :  8GB PenDrive or more . 
  • VMDK format: AlienDXX32A1_VM.* : For Schools with education software
  • VMDK format: AlienDGX64_VM.*:16GB PenDrive  or more 
In case of update of the image this version in not always present.
  • Clonezilla format: AlienDXX32_CL.* :  8GB PenDrive or more . 
  • Clonezilla format: AlienDXX32A1_CL.* : For Schools with education software
  • Clonezilla format: AlienDGX64_CL.*:16GB PenDrive  or more - Working
.VMDK images can be copied to pendisk with Windows software (Vmdk2Phy) or played with Virtualbox and VmWare
.ISO images can be restored into USB PenDisk for live boot with UnetBootin
  • With Clonezilla you can backup your PendDisk/HDD/SDD into a folder and copy partition with a hard disk.
  • With VmDkToPhys you can direct copy from VMDK to PenDisk/HDD/SDD.
User/Password for all these machines
  • Default user: test
  • Default password: password
  • root password: password
  • vnc password: password