Chapter 53's MISSION STATEMENT:    
"To organize federal employees to work together                  To Stop the IRS [ or the  various components
to ensure that   every federal employee is treated                  into which it has disintegrated ]   from violating 
with dignity and respect."                                                       the National Mission Statement on a daily basis! 


                            Change is inevitable and after nine years of using Homestead.com as our web hosting service it is time to part ways.  The reasons are financial as much as technical and we can surely find something else to do with the $200 dollars a year that it cost us going through Homestead.  Google, once we get the hang of handiling their editing software, seems to do the same job for free.  And as a former member once noted long ago:       "Three thirds off is pretty  cheap."                                                                 

So give us a little time to get things squared away and move a lot of the links over.  NTEU53.com will remain active until they figure out that the bill isn't getting paid, probably some time next year.  Hopefully, by then, we'll be up and running.

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The 2010  GS Pay Calculator has been issued.


(click the link and fill in the appropriate info.)

Evaluate your manager  !!!
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