Home Hardening Products

This list is not conclusive, but shows some of the many products available that can help reduce a homes vulnerability to wind driven wildfire.

Ember Resistant Vents
  • Brandguard Vents trap the embers inside a metal baffle. If you can afford to retrofit with these, they are the best solution.
  • Metal exhaust vents also are a good idea. The ones with a damper and a screen can be used to refit plastic bath exhaust fan and range hood vents (which melt when subjected to heat). For dryer vents use the metal ones with dampers only-no screens, as screens can cause combustible lint to build up.
Rain Gutter Filters: A rain gutter debris filter will eliminate the hazard of dry, ignitable leaves filling up your rain gutter.
  • EasyOn is a great long-lasting filter made of metal. You can buy it through the Costco website (of course, you have to be Costco member). Lowe's also sells one called Atlas . These metal filters are the best long-term solution. 
  • Many Topangans have inexpensive plastic filters on their gutters (like these). We do not recommend them, as they have openings that are too big, (so embers can get in) and they tend to disconnect easily from the gutters over time.
  • American Gutter Filler have some less expensive products made out of fire resistant foam. Some Topangans have used this, although there have been problems with woodpeckers storing acorns in the foam! They are not recommended for long-term use.

Rain Gutter Cleaning Tool

  • If you don't want to cover your gutters, here's a handy cleaning tool called GutterWhiz that can be purchased online.

Garage Door Weatherstrip

  • One vulnerability to ember intrusion is the gaps around garage doors. Garage door weather strips can solve that problem. There are several available on Amazon . Here's a website that focuses on bottom seals

Fire Resistant Tarps

  • A fire resistant tarp is good for covering firewood, or other combustible material in your yard. Here's a link to a source for plastic ones on Ebay.
  • Here's another link to more heavy-duty canvas fire resistant tarps

Fire Resistant Siding

  •  James Hardie makes a range of home siding materials that are fire resistant.
Fire Resistant Decking
  • Versadeck makes a modular aluminum Class A fire rated deck system. Remember, any deck that is attached to a home should be considered part of the home. If it ignites it can bring fire right to the structure. If you have a wood deck, make sure there is nothing combustible below it! 
Stainless Steel Door Mats
  • Keeping the first 5 feet around your home free of combustable material is important. Door mats can catch embers and burn. Stainless steel door mats are a good fire-safe solution, like these sold by Garrett Wade

Other Building Materials