Home Ignition Zone Evaluations

NTCFSC is offering Topanga homeowners Home Ignition Zone Evaluations. We have trained volunteers that will come by and evaluate your home and suggest ways to make it less vulnerable to ignition from embers in a wind driven fire.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department estimates that embers caused the ignition of over 50% of the homes that burned in recent wildfires. Carried by strong winds, embers fly through the air and rain down on vulnerable homes, miles ahead of flames. Once homes ignite they create intense heat and more embers that can ignite other nearby homes. This turns what would be a fast-moving fire into an inferno, putting neighborhoods at risk, as well as making it dangerous for vital first-responders to enter the area.

By taking action long before a wildfire threatens, homeowners can make their structures safer from embers by looking from the "house out" and addressing vulnerabilities. in a 1 1/2 hour session, a team of two trained volunteers will walk around your home with you and suggest ways to reduce the threat from embers.

This service is free of charge. So far we have evaluated over 100 homes in Topanga. If you are interested in an evaluation, please email firesafe@ntcfsc.org to set up an appointment.

This home was destroyed by embers-note the trees were not burned
This home was lost from ember ignition, not by flames from nearby vegetation. Note that the trees were not burned.