Gold Spotted Oak Borer

The Goldspotted oak borer (GSOB) is an invasive pest contributing to the on-going oak tree mortality in San Diego County. Widespread oak mortality can have severe implications to the environment and human safety. Due to the current and potential impacts to California oaks and communities, locally and statewide, multiple agencies and organizations are working together in the research, education and outreach efforts regarding this pest.

While there are no reports of the pest moving north from San Diego county as of now (October 2012), we must all be vigilant to protect our oaks. The fire risk posed to Topanga by dead oak trees is incalculable.

The oak borer can be transported to Topanga by infected firewood. For that reason make sure all the firewood you buy, especially oak, is from a local source. (If it's not local then let your firewood dealer know about the threat). For more information, including how to report a suspected infestation click here