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>> Researchers <<

>> Ph.D/M.S. Candidates <<

    - Min Seok Kim (김민석)
  He focuses on modeling and simulation on flow phenomena near bioploar electrodes and hydrogel membranes fabricated in a microfluidic channel
in the presence of electric fields using COMSOL. These simulations deal with three governing equations: Navier-Stokes equation, Nernst-Planck equation and Poisson equation.

     -Yoonkwang Nam (남윤광)
  He is developing an integrated microfluidic device for isolating functional single strain microbes from a microorganism mixture obtained from an ecosystem such as soil, river, etc for synthetic biologists and microbiologists.


  - Mingjie Jia - Darlian University of Technology, Engineering Mechanics.
  He will work on multiphysics simulation involving the Navier-Stokes equation, the Nernst-Planck equation and Poisson's equation to analyze ion transport phenomena through nanoporous meterials patterned on a microchannel surface.

 - Ji Won "Alex" Lim (임지원) - co-advised with Prof. S. K. Lee
  He will develop a microfluidic system producing droplets that encapsulate single bacteria cells for investigating heterogeneous cellular interaction.

 - Hyun Moon Nam (남현문)
 His research topic is developing a novel nanofabrication technique using a Materials Printer.

>> Undergraduates <<

    - Dokyeong Ha (하도경 @ UNIST)
 He is working on Materials Printing
with Woon Sun Choi. His work has been published in Journal of Bimaterials 2011.
   - You can be here if you are interested in uFNM lab and admitted.

>> Staff<<
   - Euna Lee (이은아) - 기후변화사업단 행정담당

 >> Alumni <<
>> M.S.
- Sung Yong Park (박성용) - 2010.01-2012.02 (The first graduate student)

>> Researcher and staff
   - Hye Young Hur (허혜영):
   - Woon Sun Choi (최운선): Genolution at Seoul
   - Chooni Park (박춘희)
    - Ji-Hye Park (박지혜): Staff @ UNIST
   - Su Hyun Kim (김수현):
at a company at Daegu

>> 2009 R & E (한국과학영재고) : 김상엽, 이호재, 이은세, 이세은 @ KAIST

>> U-surf and U-wurf
   - 2011 Summer:  김동훈 (한동대 기계공학과)
   - 2011 Winter: 송재혁 (경희대 기계공학과)
   - 2010 Summer: 차정화 (경북대 기계), 박세정 (경상대 재료), 최가람(숭실대, 화공)

>> Undergraduate
    - Young Mee Kim at UNIST

    - Ji Yoon Choen at UNIST

    - Hong Xiaoqiang from University of Science and Technology of China - 2010.09-2011.02
    - URP 2010: 신이슬, 허지현, 박소영 @ UNIST
    - Summer Intern 2009: 허정우, 서석빈, 신이슬 @ UNIST
  In 2009, three outstanding undergraduates learned how to use LabVIEW and then developed a well working controller system for a light inducible bio-reactor as seen above. In 2010, this bio-reactor system is used by a graduate who attempts to control E. coli culture with lights and another undergraduate students who are performing a URP program funded by KOFAC.