I am a theoretical ecologist largely interested in conservation biology and motivated by the need to understand the interplay between ecological and socioeconomic dynamics. My research also incorporates general topics in ecology, such as macroecology, population dynamics, and ecological sampling theory. My current projects include 1) determining an effective implementation of protected areas, 2) exploring human-nature dynamics in ecosystem management/conservation, and 3) developing an ecosystem model that describes macroecological patterns across spatial scales.

Professional Experience

2020 Sep - Present Assistant Professor, Department of International Studies, The University of Tokyo (Lab website)

2019 May - 2020 Sep Postdoctoral Researcher, Japan-Norway Researcher Mobility Programme,

Department of Biological Sciences, University of Bergen

2017 Apr - 2020 Aug JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow (PD),

Biodiversity and Biocomplexity Unit, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University

2015 Mar - 2017 Mar Postdoctoral Researcher Tropical Biosphere Research Center, University of the Ryukyus

Visiting academic in Possingham Lab at the University of Queensland

2012 Apr - 2015 Mar JSPS Predoctoral Fellow (DC1)


2012 Apr - 2015 Mar Ph.D., Theoretical Ecology, Kyushu University, Japan (Adviser: Yoh Iwasa)

2010 Apr - 2012 Mar M.S., Theoretical Ecology, Kyushu University, Japan (Adviser: Yoh Iwasa)

2006 Apr - 2010 Mar B.S., Rissho University, Japan (Adviser: Michinori Yamashita)

Publications My Google Scolar Profile is available here

Peer-reviewed Articles

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In Review

  1. Tanaka, T. and N. Takashina, on conservation governance.

  2. Takashina, N., on adaptive capacity in ecosystem management.

Other Articles

Takashina, N., A. Asao, N. Nakamura, Mathematical analysis of smoking population dynamics : an epidemiological model. RIMS Kôkyûroku, 1706:35-40, 2010

Referee Activities

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