Project 2

Redesign Open in new window HCI web site, that is strong in quality and data-driven content. 

I wanted to base my sketches, prototypes and improvements off of real visitor feedback. By doing so, I would be able to retrieve data from first-time or random visitors and how they landed on the site; whether the url was typed into a browser or a result from a search engine or was it a link from another web site.
  1. Study the visitors of Iowa State HCI web site by injecting two lines of code from which is capable of evaluating the online experience and measure user satisfaction. 
    • Survey was activated on the site on June 27th, 2011 and deactivated on July 27th, 2011.
    • During the one month time range, there were 19 participants who were able to successfully complete the survey and off of that 19 participants, 17 of them provided helpful comments. See details below in the Survey Results section.
  2. Simplify navigation structure by conducting an online open card sorting activity using
    • Activity sent out to the hci mass mail account asking for participation. 
    • Within 5 days, 9 participants were able to successfully complete the activity. See details below in the Card Sort section.
Survey Results:

Task Completion:
13 Participants said 'Yes' that they were able to complete the task, whereas 4 Participants said 'No'. And the other 2 Participants did not respond. 

Overall Satisfaction:
The highest level of overall satisfaction was 9 out of 10 while the lowest level was 2. While seven of the responses were 5 or below and ten were above 5. 

Survey shows that the visitors main purpose of the visit is to see hci course information. 
Some of the positive comments worth noting for the course information were: 
"It's very nice to look at and answered all my questions."
"Being able to find up to date information about program requirements." 

Few negative comments for the course information were:
"Couldn't find relevant course information."
"Too much search involved to find the courses applicable towards my degree."
"Degree requirements to complete course."

One of the participant who chose 'Other, please specify', wrote a comment which is "The growth potential". 

% Task Completion by Purpose of Visit
9 Participants were able to successfully complete with 100% of the tasks of retrieving student, faculty, and other information. Whereas 7 Participants were able to complete with 71.4% of the task to see course information. And 2 Participants were only able to complete with 50% of the task to apply or fill out an application. 

Card Sort:
There were 9 who participated in this open card sorting activity. 

The groups that came out of the activity are:
News and Events

Open in new window Pairs Map


Redesigned HCI web site:

Based on the survey result figures and comments, I made the core elements such as "how to apply" and "requirements" visible by placing them on the home page. In addition I've sectioned "testimonials", "HCI Program", "Announcements", and "Contact" at the bottom of each page and these sectioned can be changed or rearranged by an Administrator of the site. Furthermore, the redesigned site is attached to MySQL database and is capable of blogs and much more. 

Future work:
Although the Pre-Admission Form completely works and usable, I believe more work is needed to fill in the gaps in some links/pages and in the usability arena. The redesigned site was not thoroughly tested, so that would be my next step to find some participants and walk through the usability test ideas.