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Game Sheets & Discipline Reporting

posted Oct 13, 2018, 2:10 AM by Aria Shokoohi   [ updated Oct 15, 2018, 6:04 PM ]
Arrive at the field 25 minutes prior to kickoff
In order to properly execute all of our pre-match responsibilities, please be sure to arrive 25 minutes early. Team checks should be among the first tasks you complete (if teams are ready), giving yourself time to warmup, etc.

3 copies of the team sheets/game cards should be provided
The team sheets (game cards) will be provided by the home team. They should be printed from GotSoccer with both the home and the away team's rosters on them. The home team is responsible to provide **three copies**: one for the referee (you), one for the visiting team, and one for themselves. Your copy (the referee copy) will be the official record of the match.

Small-Sided Referees: Boys and Girls U11/U12 Div 1 & Div 2 are in the BCCSL. You will need to obtain Game Cards starting this weekend and follow the procedures outlined here (for reporting discipline, etc). ID Cards will need to be checked after October 1st. For U11/U12 Div 3 NSYSA Interlock Small-Sided games, contact us at for any discipline reporting.

Write in any players that are not on the team sheet.
For players that are not listed on the team sheet but have a valid ID card, please have the team write in their name, ID number, and jersey number onto your copy of the team sheet. Date of birth SHOULD NOT be written down, as that is not required on the team sheet.

Starters are not required to be indicated
There may be a column on the team sheet for starters. This is NOT required to be filled in, as there are unlimited substitutions in the league.

Suspended players will be listed with a STRIKETHROUGH their name
Players currently serving a suspension will be listed on the roster with a strike through their name (a line through their name) and printed in red (if the sheet is printed in color). They should not be allowed to play and must not be in the technical area. If there are any violations of this, please submit it in your match report.

Permits are not required for call-ups. ID cards MUST have level of play on them.
The league is using a new Fluid Roster Process this year. As such, paper permits are no longer required. All ID cards must have a level of play on them (Metro, Division 1, Division 2, or Division 3). Players on a different team within the same club can play provided they are either on a lower division team within the same age group or on a same or lower division team at a lower age group. For example, if you are refereeing a U15 Division 1 match, a U15 Div 2 player could play and a U14 Div 1 player could play (but not a U14 Metro player). Additionally, Division 3 teams can play players from another Division 3 team within the same club.

For the purposes of Metro games in which the club is a regional club and does not have a lower division team, they can call up players from other clubs within their district. The regional Metro clubs are: Vancouver FC, Surrey Selects, Burnaby District, and Fraser Valley. For example, Vancouver FC (Metro) can field a player from one of VYSA's six other member clubs.

If A or B is specified (for example, Division 1A and Division 1B), the same rules apply. Division 1A is considered a higher division than 1B.

In all cases, please write the players name, ID number, and jersey number on your copy of the team sheet.

Team official signatures on the team sheets/game cards should be obtained before the match.
The team sheets/game cards have a spot for a team official signature in the bottom half underneath each team's roster and scoring summary. OBTAIN THE SIGNATURE OF A TEAM OFFICIAL FROM BOTH TEAMS BEFORE THE MATCH on your copy. This signature is for the team official to validate the roster for their team for that game is correct. Please get this signature during or at the completion of your team check.

ID card requirements
ID cards are required as of September 1st for Metro division teams. So for this opening weekend, all Metro teams should have cards. For Divisions 1-3, ID cards will required after October 1st. Please report any teams that do not have their ID cards, but play the game.

DO NOT keep the ID cards for players and team officials
A big change this year is that we are NO LONGER KEEPING THE ID CARDS OF PLAYERS AND TEAM OFFICIALS. Please get them from the manager for the check-ins, complete your check-ins (writing any players down on the sheet that are not listed), and return the ID cards immediately to the manager.

Keep track of GOAL SCORERS and the score of the game
Please keep track of goals and goalscorer during the games: jersey number and minute scored. If it is an own goal, record it as OG. If you do not get the jersey number of the player who scored, please check with the team or coach after the match.

Record goal scorers, final score, discipline, and referee names after the match
After the match is completed and before leaving the field, you must record goal scorers, final score, any discipline, and the referee names on the match sheet.

For discipline, record the minute and the misconduct code in the appropriate column next to the offending player. For example, "77 UB" for Unsporting Behaviour in the 77th minute. Details of the discipline do not need to be recorded on the team sheet.

For referees, just list the names of everyone on the crew (including Assistant Referees). You do not need to record your RefCentre ID number if you do not remember it.

Team officials are allowed to take a photo of the completed team sheet
At the end of the game, team officials are allowed to take a photo of the completed team sheet. Please be sure the information you have entered is accurate and complete. If they approach you before you've finished, feel free to direct them to wait back at their technical area (or elsewhere) while you finish filling out the form. We know this is an extra task we haven't had to do in previous seasons, but we have confirmed that the league wants this. If the teams have left and no one is requesting a photo of the team sheet, you can leave and finish filling the sheet out at home.

Log yellow card, red cards, and other incidents on the GotSoccer website (ONLY CENTRE REFEREE)
All discipline this year is handled in the GotSoccer system. As the centre referee (CR), you have to log your discipline within 24 hours of the completion of your match. DO NOT RECORD SCORES IN THIS SYSTEM. ONLY DISCIPLINE. To log discipline, either scan the QR code at the top of the sheet with your smartphone or go to the following URL and enter the Event ID, PIN, and Game #:

Full instructions for logging discipline are available here:

For those who asked about the security of this system, there are still some issues being worked through. Please report games following the above procedure until further notice and keep your game sheets for at least a month.

Keep discipline reports to FACTS ONLY
Please remember to include team names, field, time, player #, minute of incident, and description of the incident using correct terminology from FIFA Laws of the Game. In your discipline reporting, please be sure to include only facts — not opinions or any commentary on discipline to be levied. Please be sure to be detailed — especially with send-off offences. What happened? Did the player leave the field in a timely manner and without issue? What — if any — additional dissent/actions occurred after the send off? 

What should I do if there are no team sheets?
At the start of the season, there may be some bumps. Teams *should* have the GotSoccer team sheet. But if they do not, simply get a paper roster (handwritten if necessary) in some form and play the game. Contact us at for any discipline reporting if you do not have a GotSoccer game ID.

More details are available in the BCCSL handbook
For reference, more details are kept in the BC Coastal Soccer League administrative handbook, available here:

What should I do if a player or team has no ID card(s)?
If a player or team does not have an ID card or cards, we should still allow the game to be played. Inform the opposing coach and notify us at after the game, as the league may entertain a protest.

Should I retain the team sheets? And if so, for how long?
While there is no league requirement, my recommendation is that you should obtain a physical copy or a legible photo of the completed team sheet for at least a month following the completion of the game (in case there are any questions about the game, discipline, etc.). You do not need to send a copy of the completed team sheet anywhere unless asked to.