The Final Stream: The Code


On my windows security blog "The Final Stream" I often talk about programming. Unfortunately the format of the blog is not well suited for posting code snippets, this is why I created this page. It contains the code related to my blog articles and more.

Why is the coding style so weird? What's wrong with the brackets? Well, I'm following my employer's coding style. It might look weird at first sight but trust me, after a while you understand why it's good and you don't want to go away from it!

If you find any errors in the code, please let me know.

Code Snippets:

  • [Article | Code] Dump the GENERIC_MAPPING structures of all object types on windows.
  • [Article | Code] Spawn a command prompt running with a restricted token.
  • [Article | Code] Spawn a command prompt running at Low Integrity Level.
  • [Article | Code] Create a namedpipe Server and Client to test impersonation.