2017/2018 Race Results

Club Championship Points Score 
Car # Driver Grade Round 1 Round 2 Country Series 1 Round  4 GOLD CUP Round 5 Country Series 2 Round 7 Round 8  Country Series 3 Round 10 Country Series 4 Round 12 NSW TITLE Country Series 5
Lightning Sprints
2 Vic McTaggart A -
3 AJ McTaggart A -
4 Chris Davis A -
5 Mark Binskin A -
6 Jordan Binskin A -
7 John Ferguson BR -
8 Stephen Allen B -
9 Brett Davies A -
11 Scott Moir B -
14 Mel Priestley BR   
28X Justin Pirlo A -
29X Joel Pirlo A -
41X Craig Transton B -
45 Pete Styles B -
46 Matt Reed A -
47 Danny Stone    A -
66 Ben Morgan B -
69 Rodney Waters A -
78 David Atwood A -
99 Dean Eden A
Litre Sprints
10 Peter Archer B -
18 Mick Walker B -
23 Mick Connoly BR -
26 Garrad Latham B -
50 Dan Morris  BR -
67 Monique Davis BR -
83 Vic McTaggart A -
Points structure:
On the night:
Heats random draw with rookies to the rear prior to endorsement.
Feature for Valvoline club rounds inverted for all heat race finishers (excludes DNF and Rookies which start rear).
Features at Country Series - highest points to the front.
Features at Blue Ribbon and Title events - Generally highest points to the front. A front row challenge may apply or other promoter scenario depending on the event particulars.

As a result of this years rounds having a better balance of country and city rounds, we are making a revision to the point score structures. TBC

Prize Pool - Valvoline Rounds
The minimum prize pool at Valvoline Raceway club rounds is $250 (based on minimum 15 cars). Prize money when paid is on feature race result not points.

While reaching the podium brings some decent prize money, the payouts don't stop there, as we invest back into our members too. Any driver taking the green light in the A Main at the end of the night will at least receive their nomination fee back after the event by EFT.

Higher field numbers, blue ribbon events and title events will generally generate a higher purse.

Attendance Money / Other Venues
Some promoters and venues do pay "tow money". Nomination fee's and prize pools can vary too as a means to offset cost for drivers. 

"Tow money" does not apply at Nowra Speedway (or Valvoline Raceway) as these are considered inside our club members area. No nomination fee is paid at Nowra and prize money is not awarded unless advised prior by promoters via sponsorship packages nominated for the event.

The Gilgandra country series event is generally supported by assistance with "tow money" and prize money is not awarded unless advised prior by promoters via sponsorship packages nominated for the event.

We recommend speaking to the promoters of events further abroad or interstate well in advance of the meeting to avoid confusion or disappointment.