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NSW Litre Sprintcar Association Account Details
Account Name - NSWLSA
BSB -  032 072
Account Number -  392 871
Bank -  Westpac

Membership Prices - $115 Member / $50 Associate Member

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Driver Car Numbers & Gradings


*Please email Mel Priestley for all car number enquiries or call her on 0401 385 414.

00x Joel Pirlo                                       A
2x Darren Barlow                                BR
2 Vic McTaggart                                   A
3AJ McTaggartA
3x Michael Hunter                     B
Chris Davis                                           A
5 Mark Binskin                                 -
6 Jordan Binskin                                   A
John FergusonBR 
8 Stephen Allen B
9 Brett Davies                                     A
10 Peter Archer                                        BR
11  Scott Moir                                 BR
14 Scott Withers B
18 Mick Walker                                     B
21 Shane Cooper                                    A
23 Mick Connolly                              BR
26 Garrad Latham                                   B
27x Craig Smith                                       A
28x Justin Pirlo                                     A
29x Joel Pirlo                                       A
41x Craig Transton                                   B

45 Peter Styles                                   BR
46 Matt Reed                                       A
47 Danny Stone                                     BR
48 Darren Salmon                                   A
50 Brett Davies A
66 Ben Morgan BR

69 Rodney Waters                                   B
72 Chris Collins                                   B
75 Matt Geering                                   A
77 Andrew Davis                                       B
78 David Atwood                                    A
83 Vic McTaggart                                  A
92x David Rowley                                    A
96 Stephen Allen B
99 Dean Eden                                      A

Driver Grading
BR - (B Grade Rookie) remains a rookie for the opening season and starts from the rear of the field until 3 meetings complete endorsement is given. The event chief steward may over rule if driving requires continued starts from the rear.

B - Grade B driver is an experienced driver within the field who has already passed rookie status in seasons prior; OR is continuing as a B Grade driver; OR any driver returning after at least 3 consecutive seasons away from the division.

A - Grade A driver is driver who was upgraded having won a B Grade overall championship; OR Placed on at least 3 podiums in the season; OR was recognised prior to 2016 as an A Grade driver; OR was granted status in recognition of prior experience such as titles won in this division.


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