winners of the 
Poetry Contest
Zen of Space

Grand Prize

James S. Dorr  

“Future Plans”

Division 1

1st place: Greer Woodward

2nd Place: Julie Bloss Kelsey

3rd Place: Robert Borski (tie)

            Keith A. Simmonds (tie)

Division 2

1st Place: James S. Dorr, 

“Future Plans”

2nd Place: Stephen Sanders,

 “Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin”

3rd Place: Jack Horne (tie)

            Djurda Vukelic Rozic (tie)

Division 3

1st Place: Patricia Ferguson, “Landing”

2nd Place: Geoffrey A. Landis, 

“The Long Trajectory”

3rd Place: Angela Terry, Julie Warther, Cara Holman, 

“Hubble’s Palette”

Honorable Mention

Division 1:

Greg Beatty

Ernest J. Berry

Robert Borski

Brett Brady

Tracy Davidson

Patricia Ferguson

Geoffrey A. Landis

Stephen Sanders

Semi (Terrie Leigh Relf)

Greer Woodward


Division 2:

Djurda Vukelic Rozic

Stephen Sanders “The X 15”

Patricia Ferguson

Kath Abela Wilson


Division 3:

“Sequence” Steliana Cristina Voicu

“Quartet” James S. Dorr

“Space: An Intimation of Ants” Sandra Lindrow

“Generation Ship” Patricia Ferguson


2013 Poetry Contest

Sponsored by

The National Space Society of North Texas


The Fort Worth Haiku Society

Theme: Space Exploration, Development and Settlement 

Division One: Haiku/Senryu*

Division Two: Intermediate Length Forms**

Division Three: Long Forms***

1st  Prize: $25 each Division

2nd Prize: $10 each Division

The three 1st Place winners will compete for an additional $25 Grand Prize

 Deadline: July 31st, 2013

*Any variation of haiku/senryu --  modern or traditional 1 to  3 line forms

**Tanka, Tan-Renga, Limerick, Cinquain, Clerihew, Sijo, 4 to 6 line forms

***Haiku Sequences, Renga, Rengay, Haibun 

more than one author is allowed, but the prize, if any, will be divided among the poets. 

send entries to nssofntcontest@gmail.com Include the division you wish to enter, the poem, your name, address, phone number, email address, a brief bio and a statement agreeing to the terms of the contest.  Previously published work is accepted, but the author must hold the rights. label it and give the exact previously published information.  

Authors agree not to publish the poems elsewhere for one year or until the Anthology comes out.


winners of the 

Art Contest 

Mars, the Next Frontier

Sponsored by

The National Space Society of North Texas

1st Place: Cliff Roberts

2nd Place: Julia Vizcaino

3rd Place Tricia Ferguson