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The Mount Haes Trophy

Mount Haes Trophy
Probably the most prestigious trophy awarded at the National Regatta is the impressive Mount-Haes trophy.

It was donated by the late Captain Eric Mount-Haes RN (retired) one of her Majesty's inspectors on the Sea and Air panel of the then Ministry of Education. In the early days of the regattas, crews were entered through County or Local Associations and his deed of gift was that "each County Association or constituent body be invited to enter a crew (or crews) to race in a class of dinghy decided at the regatta". It was first awarded in 1963 to a certain Martyn Styles and crew from Kent Association at the regatta held at Pitsford Northants.

Captain Mount-Haes was a tireless worker for any aspect of nautical studies and he was very much involved with the formation of N.S.S.A. through the organisation of courses, and the recognition of the aims and objectives of the Association at the Ministry. He also helped considerably in setting up the National Sailing Base at Cowes, and the appointment of a National Coach, Bob Bond, in 1969.

At N.S.S.A. committee meeting she was a familiar and well liked member and his comments, made in his incisive manner, and with his twinkling eyes were always of great value.

N.S.S.A. was obviously very close to his heart, but his other great crusade was to promote the use of the old man-of-war built in 1817 - ex HMS Foudroyaut as a training ship for young people. At that time she was afloat in Portsmouth Harbour in need of costly repairs. Eric Mount-Haes undertook the task of raising money, he travelled extensively, not only in this Country but also abroad, extolling the virtues of the Foudroyaut. Eventually, however, she was taken from Portsmouth and disappeared "up North" and is now emerging from a comprehensive rebuilding programme as H.M.S. Trincomalee the centrepiece of the Hartlepool Heritage Centre.

There are numerous anecdotes about Captain Mount-Haes; his enthusiasm for film making with what he called "The Ministry's cine camera". From recollection parts were secured with whipping twine, but he managed to make an epic entitled "Messing about in Boats".

He was a member of the Royal Yacht Squadron and was instrumental in persuading the Secretary to arrange a visit for the own Aisher Award winners during their stay at the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club. This visit was continued annually until, unfortunately, the event ceased.

N.S.S.A. still owes a lot to Captain Mount-Haes for his support in the early days, we were all saddened by his death a few years ago but his name still lives on through his trophy and 'his' ship has a new lease of life.

Contributed by Terry White to the 1994 Regatta programme

Winners of the Mount Haes Trophy

1962 Graham Jones Surrey SSA 
1963 Martyn Styles & Mike Young Kent SSA 
1964 Martyn Styles & Julian Drake Kent SSA - Enterprise
1965 P. J. Morris & C. J. Williamson Staffs   
1966 R.Batchelor &  P. Dodgshun Norfolk SSA
1966 R.Batchelor & P. Dodgshun Norfolk SSA
1967 P. George & N. Jepson Norfolk SSA
1969 P. Ainsworth & B Marjoram East Suffolk
1970 J. Redding & P. Frost Norfolk SSA
1971 John Driver & Andrew Royle Kent SSA
1972 Miss E Smales & A Flint Staffs SSA
1973 A. Corfield & M. Orage Staffs SSA
1974 P. Knight & A. Grigg Cornwall
1975 M. J. Clews & C. Atkins Sandwell
1976 No Regatta - drought No Regatta - drought
1977 G. Bows & S. King Rotherham
1978 M. Stubbs & P. Stubbs Cheshire S.S.A.
1979 R. Bailey & C. Bailey Northampton
1980 D. Glen & R. Penny Laytmer School
1981 D. Wilkinson & Miss A Prior Lancs
1982 S. Hudson & R. Hudson Cleveland
1983 Clinton Styles & Matthew Lorimer Kent - Mirror
1984 Tracy Smailes & Miss J. Russell Kent SSA
1985 M. Hood & J. Alger Suffolk SSA
1986 A & Chris Lynham Bucks SSA
1988 J. Telford & A. Burgess Cumbria
1989 Gary Brailsford Kent SSA
1990 David Munn & H. McEwen Lancs SSA
1991 Chris Lynham & S. Owen Bucks SSA
1992 Chris Lynham & G. Bratten Bucks SSA
1993 Chris Balding & J Freeman Devon
1994 Adam Turk & James Haig Kent SSA
1995 Peter & Jamie Townsend Hants SSA
1996 Nick Fuller & Eleanor Draper Hants SSA
1997 Alex Beach & Richard Pratt Lancs SSA
1998 Nick Smith & Keith Phillips Norfolk SSA
1999 Not held high winds Not held high winds
2000 John Pink & Thomas Weeks Hants SSA - Bosuns
2001 John Pink & Thomas Weeks Hants SSA - Laser II
2002 Will Crocker & Bobby Foster Milton Keynes & Bucks - Dart 16s
2003 Chris Duffin & James Willis Yorkshire
2004 David Blagden & James Lucas Derbyshire YSA
2005 Robert Waite & Sam Rowe Kent SSA
2012 Milton Keynes & Bucks
2014 Michael Calvert + Max Taylor-Nobbs Kent SSA
2015 Toby Freeland & George Hyett Kent SSA