Secretes of Koenigsberg 13 Laboratory


Secretes of Koenigsberg 13 Laboratory

Secretes of Koenigsberg 13 Laboratory
The secret laboratory on Knipehof not far from the Pregel old river-bed was market by wavy lines on aviation charts of European pilots who were bombing in August of 1944 the historic town center.

A very limited number of people knew the essence of the laboratory and the kind of research carried out in it. Four old strong medieval buildings situated in the center of Koenigsberg had one address: Koenigsberg 13. Surprised residents could sometimes see a strange sight – Buddhist monks in white clothes leaving the building in the dark of the night.

The interior of those buildings was extremely strange. On the first two floors one could sea a great deal of cult items of all times and peoples – from Orthodox icons to Vikings` signs. The basement was equipped as a huge refrigerator with many baths with ice and eyes of animals brought from meat processing factory. There were practically no visitors there. Very seldom cars from Berlin garages came to the yard.

There were passages to bomb shelters, so during air raids all small personnel from the address of Koenigsberg, 13 went down to deep underground. The pilots had the task of the commanders to bomb this district 3 times with superpower bombs and use napalm. Anglo-Americans wanted not only to ruin these laboratories, but also burn the ground under them up to 4 meters. The research carried out there had the rank of strategic.

Besides many different directions in «Koenigsberg 13» laboratory the main was the eastern «concept» of psychotropic weapons. But the paradox is: 6 napalm bombs dropped on these buildings did not burst and the houses which miraculously survived after severe bombing are seen on American war photos. Now the foundations of these buildings are under greenery on the island of Kant and attract top interest of investigators.

This strange story started early autumn of 1940 when Winston Churchill issued the order «How defence department should use secret wizardry buildings». «Koenigsberg 13» was the core of German defence policy and allies could not afford secret processing to be in the hands of Russians who were on the threshold of Eastern Prussia. But the napalm bombs did not reach the targets in August of 1944 and the Laboratories survived… But where did the documents disappear? История влияния.Тайны лаборатории Кенигсберг 13.