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Math Home Learning

  • Thursday,March 23

    1. Review area of a trapeziod using the link and PDF attached. You MAY do your work on your ipad! Click VIEW MORE so you can download the PDF.

    2. Yellow weekly review due.

    PLEASE NOTE: There will be no extra help tomorrow in the morning. Please attend at lunch.

    Posted by Joanne Rossiter
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English Home Learning

  • Friday 3/24
    Read and enjoy your book!
    Monday begins Fantasy  book clubs...if you have a fantasy book , please bring it in to school to add to our selection!                                                                                               
    Posted by Debra Henneberger
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Science Home Learning

  • Week of March 20th (HAPPY SPRING!)
    SPRING Project for the fourth quarter (10 points) - due at the end of April.

    "Signs of Spring."  Instructions:
     A) Using your ipad's camera, take pictures that depict "Signs of Spring."  One point will be given for each picture taken for a total of ten points. (Ex. 9 pic. = 90%, 5 pic. - 50%, etc.)
    B) Email me your pictures at by April 30th. You must indicate in your email to me  the number of pictures you have taken and include the pictures in your email.

    C) Enjoy observing SPRING!

    Marshmallow video!  - observe closely!
    Earth Science - Intro. Video
    Earth Science Investigation

    Posted Mar 21, 2017, 4:43 AM by Robert Hert
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Social Studies Home Learning

  • 3/23/17
    1. Mesopotamia Unit Test tomorrow.....
    2. Listen to the song "We're in That Fertile Crescent" to get pumped up for the test! Find it on Youtube- search 'Flocabulary' and song title.
    Posted by Michelle Abel
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