About the co-op

A co-op program is a way to effectively integrate students’ academic studies with a work experience component.  It’s a way for students to enhance their resume with on the job training, while at the same time fulfill their graduation requirements. 

One of the driving forces behind the formation of this co-op is the idea of adventure – students who participate in this program will experience adventure on a physical, academic, and workplace level.  Students who successfully complete the Adventure Co-op will complete three courses by the end of the semester (instead of the expected two): PE 12, Communications 12, and Work Experience 12.

PE  12

The PE 12 component has a special emphasis on hiking and wilderness travel.  Students will have the unique opportunity to explore numerous hiking trails throughout the North Shore and Coast Mountain ranges as well as learn practical skills that will enable them to enjoy the wilderness safely and knowledgeably.   This is a physically strenuous course and students should expect to be pushed and to push themselves physically.  If there are any concerns regarding the physical ability of your child or other health concerns, these must be addressed before your child enters this program.  Students should expect and prepare to go on the hikes rain or shine.  We will be doing between one and two hikes a week from the beginning of September until the end of October to take advantage of the weather before it gets too cold and rainy/snowy to hike.  Although most of the hikes will be day trips, there is one two/ three day trip planned for October.  More information on the location of the trips will be provided when class starts in September.  

Communications 12

Communications 12 fulfills the language arts requirement for graduation and is the academic component of this program.  Students will examine and explore different aspects of modern communication – including various aspects of media and workplace communications.

Work Experience

At the end of November and into December students will go on a three week (100 hour) work experience.  During these three weeks your child will not come to school but will report directly to their place of work and will be expected to work a regular work day.  The work experience course is a way for students to explore a career they're interested in.  Many of the work experience requirements (resume building, cover letter, etc) are also part of the Communications 12 curriculum.