Spring 2013 Calendar

NSJC meets on Thursdays at noon in Becker 510 before every Anatomy & Neurobiology Seminar

Below you'll find a list of speakers and NSJC presenters. We recommend that presenters contact seminar speakers directly to get suggestions on a paper to present at Journal Club that is most relevant to their upcoming talk. 

If you're interested in presenting, please contact Mat Araujo at araujo@wustl.edu or Jane Hettinger at jchettinger@wustl.edu

Anatomy & Neurobiology Seminars

Tuesdays at 12:00 p.m. - Room 928 McDonnell Science



            5          Joseph Corbo, Pathology & Immunology, WashU, "Reprogramming blindness"

            12       Andy Hershey, U Cincinnatti

            19       Yang Dan, U California, Berkeley

            26       Guoping Feng, MIT


            2          Songhai Shi, Sloan Kettering

            9          Lisa Monteggia, U Texas Southwestern

            16       Carlos Cruchaga, Psychiatry, WashU

            23       no seminar

            30       Anne Churchland, Cold Spring Harbor


            7          Paola Arlotta, Harvard

            14       Marc Hammarlund, Yale

            21       Tom Schwartz, Harvard

            28       Greg DeAngelis, U Rochester


            4          Patrick Drew, Pennsylvania State U