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The 5th National Sanskrit Journalists Conference (संस्कृत-पत्रकार-सङ्गोष्ठी), 2015 
will be held on December 10-11, 2015 at Swaaminarayan Aksharadhaam, N.H.-24, New Dehli-110092. 

In recent times the media has been one of the most important forums for expressing and consolidating ideas. Sanskrit has infinite flexibility to express modern ideas and facilitate the flow of thoughts without deforming its character. The 5th National Sanskrit Journalists Conference  will focus on how the flexibility and character of the Sanskrit language can be showcased in all the forms of the media: print, radio, TV and social media as well as computational tools for Sanskrit. Due to the efforts of many volunteer organizations, Sanskrit awareness is at its peak, and this is the most wonderful opportunity for the Sanskrit media has to make an impact on the society. Let us rise to the challenge and raise Sanskrit to its original glory. 

The motto for the 5th National Sanskrit Journalists Conference is anabhyāse viṣaṃ vidyā (अनभ्यासे विषं विद्या). 

The theme of this conference is the role of the media in making Sanskrit a dynamic language that is suited to the modern times (संस्कृतविद्यां  गतियुतां  विधातुं  संचारमाध्यमानां  भूमिका). 

We will have keynote address and plenary lectures from eminent persons. We will have presentations and panel sessions and ample opportunity for discussions. The proposed sessions for the conference are:
We invite an expression of interest from Sanskrit Journalists, Akashvani and Doordarshan Media persons, Bloggers, Teachers, Computational Linguists  and all Sanskrit lovers for Presentations at the conference through submitting  an abstract for presentation or for poster session and for Participation in the conference by registering for the conference.

There is a limited financial support available to partially meet the expenses to attend the conference. Delegates who present a paper and fellow journalists with limited resources will be given priority. Please book your tickets (3-a/c or equivalent) and send a request for travel support.

Important Particulars:

Venue: Swaaminarayan Aksharadhaam, N.H.-24, Delhi-110092
Dates:  December 10-11, 2015
Main Subject:  अनभ्यासे विषं विद्या- इति सन्दर्भे सामाजिक-सञ्चार-माध्यमेषु संस्कृतम् 

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