Autonomous Vehicles @ NSIT

We at NSIT have formed an Autonomous and Intelligent Systems SIG to bring together crazy robotics enthusiasts to develop a fleet of UAVs and Autonomous Ground Vehicles which can carry out surveillance and reconnaissance missions. 
Though this is an ambitious long term project, we expect people to have fun while gaining the skills required to design an autonomous system a. To keep the fun quotient up, we have decided to begin with a Quadrotor UAV. After successfully designing the mechanical and control structure of the Quadrotor we plan to move onto an Autonomous Ground Vehicle. The localisation, navigation and mapping techniques developed for the Autonomous Ground Vehicle (UGV) would then be implemented on the Quadrotor.

The project has been broken down into various modules and submodules, which we will work upon one by one. The pages listed below detail upon the various modules and submodules and the order in which they will be implemented.