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So you need a healthcare attorney.  You should consider  legal experience and life experience of the attorney you select.

Call  1-888-255-6485 or email me if you think I may be able to help.

I have practiced healthcare law since 1981.

After several years of firm practice,  in 1991, I concluded that clients need the personal service that only a solo practitioner can provide.  So I left my partnership and set up the Law Office of Nick Sigur. When you call my office - you get me. When you write me a note or email - I respond. When we go to court - it's you and I. If something is not right - it's my secretary's fault.  

Take the first step. Perhaps I can help. Call (337-837-9700 or 1-888-255-6485) or drop me an email.   I look forward to representing you.



I represent clients with a need for personal,  professional representation.  

Perhaps my experience

and personality will match 

you and your need.

We won't know unless we talk.