Anton's NextStep Horizons

Being in service...                                                                
Hello, Welcome to my web page.
This is an interim page for which will showcase my photographic skills and shots I have done to date.

Everyone has a passion and talent for doing some good stuff.
I've decided that it is time to share what I can offer. 
           Thanks for visiting, Anton                   

I love capturing images, moments that are beautiful and convey meaning.
I can do photo sessions, portrait work, events, anything you would like a photographic record of, you name it.
Here are samples of my work and in the attached file below.
I teach basic introduction photography courses too. 
I will offer group classes from time to time.
  • On how to use your digital camera.
  • How to take better pictures
  • Advanced lessons on editing and picture management 

Home and Small business tech support
In my previous life I was a computer techie.
If you need help with home/small business computing, networking, PC support
I can probably help.
  • Outlook email support
  • Windows cleanup/ troubleshooting 

Swimming with the Dolphins video
Something I put together in 2006 when I was in Hawaii.
My YouTube Clip