Project Description

This study explores the ways middle school mathematics teachers implement standards-based curriculum materials in urban schools. It takes the view that instructional materials, in our study specifically Connected Mathematics Project middle grades mathematics materials, are cultural tools and examines how teachers use these tools to plan and implement the curriculum in their classrooms. The study is using a mixed methods approach that combines surveys of all middle grades mathematics teachers in 39 schools in the Newark (NJ) Public Schools (NPS) district and closer observations of teachers in two case schools. 

Funded in 2007 by the National Science Foundation (DRL-0732184), we are in the third year of our project. During 2007-2008, we piloted and revised our data collection instruments and completed recruitment of the case study schools and teachers. We also began an initial document review of the NPS curriculum policies and New Jersey state standards. In 2008-2009, we collected observations  and interviews from case study teachers and administrators at two schools. We also collected survey data using the Surveys of Enacted Curriculum Instructional Practices and Instructional Content surveys and a project designed Connected Mathematics Project Implementation Survey tailored to the NPS district pacing guide. We continued to collect data on the NPS mathematics curriculum, including the introduction of the new version of CMP. During 2009-2010, we have conducted data analysis, including initial analysis of student achievement data for all students, linked to their teachers. In our final year, we will continue analysis and reporting of the findings to the research and practice communities. 

Principal Investigator - Karen D. King, PhD, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, New York University

  • Co-PI Monica Mitchell, EdD, Mathematics Education Research Associates (MERAssociates)
  • Co-PI May Samuels, District Mathematics Supervisor, Newark Public Schools
  • Project Staff
Our project staff includes clinical faculty, research associates, and doctoral and masters students in the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development

Urban District Mathematics Curriculum Reform

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