Congratulations to Jessica Tybursky for becoming a 2010 CADRE Fellow!
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National Science Foundation-funded Project

This study explores the ways middle school mathematics teachers implement standards-based curriculum materials in urban schools. It takes the view that instructional materials are cultural tools and examines how teachers use these tools to plan and implement the curriculum in their classrooms. The study is using a mixed methods approach that combines surveys of teachers in 30 schools in the Newark Public Schools district and closer observations of teachers in selected case schools.

Please contact us if you would like to review a copy of the proposal, our instruments, and any of our findings

Main Research Questions

  1. Do teachers perceive mandated instructional materials as a support for improving instruction? 
  2. How do teachers adapt the instructional materials to attempt to meet the needs of their students and why? 
  3. What are the school and district level supports and barriers to using the instructional materials identified by teachers? 
  4. What is the relationship between student achievement and ways teachers implement the instructional materials?

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