NSF PRIDE (NSF-1241932)


The overarching objective of this NSF funded
Category 1 project is to establish a regional network of ecologists (invasive plant ecologists, community ecologists, ecosystem ecologists, and landscape ecologists), modelers (statisticians and geospatial scientists), conservation biologists, and natural resource practitioners for the development of a cross-scale invasion dynamic predictive model using a new functional trait based framework.  Our central hypothesis is that invasion dynamics are spatial and temporal scale dependent. 

The specific aims for this project are:

Aim 1: Develop an interdisciplinary team to construct a regional to continental scale invasive modeling framework that is scientifically valid and management relevant

Aim 2: Develop a comprehensive regional database that includes invader functional traits and distributions, recipient system conditions, and invasion driver characteristics

Aim 3: Examine the feasibility of the invasive modeling framework using a set of pilot studies