Frequently Asked Questions:

When will registration open?

Registration is now open.  We begin by having a pre-registration that enables schools to let us know how many students they plan to enter.

How many students can you enter?

The maximum amount of projects per school is 10.

The maximum amount of students per school is 20.

What are the requirements for the participating students?

Students of grades 9-12 are eligible. 

The requirements for the poster competition include Original Laboratory Research, Original Mathematics Research, or Computer Science Research.

Students will have to submit abstracts and present the posters to judges.

What information do we need to provide in order to register our students?

The entire list includes:

Teacher Name:
School Address:
School Phone and E-mail:
Title of Project:
Abstract Submission:

What is the cost per student of participation?

$15 per student

What time is the competition?

The time for the symposium is 8 am. - 2 pm.

Judging is from 9 am. - 11 am.

The schedule for the day can be found in Abstracts and Programs of Previous Symposia