Recordings made using electric guitar and bass, Hydrogen drums, with occasional ZynAddSubFX synthesizers, all put together with Ardour. Everything runs on a home-built Linux box running Ubuntu Studio, realtime kernel, an M-Audio Delta 66 interface and various other bits.


All of the computer stuff is done with open source, free software tools. This is partly due to stinginess on my part, and partly due to nerd appeal. The Linux/FOSS approach just "feels right", and has a lot more personal appeal for me.

Comments, criticism, etc. welcome via e-mail

Thanks for listening!




Diagonal Weird? A totally arbitrary name I stuck in the "artist" tags of the songs I recorded. It doesn't mean anything.

WTF is this?? I don't really know what to call the style of stuff I record and put together. "New Age Sludge Metal" probably works as good as anything else.

Vocals??? Ha ha ha. No F***ing way. At least for now, all my stuff is instrumental (i.e. no vocals) due to the simple fact that...

A) Whenever I sing, people within earshot usually beg for me to stop, quickly.


B) I really, really do not like to sing at all, so scenario "A" is a mercifully rare occurrence. Some people have been said to have "a face made for radio".  I have "a singing voice made for photography".

**Note** I guess I've changed that since you get to hear my schlocky singing on my cover of the Bangles' "Eternal Flame". I'm gradually becoming OK with hearing my own singing voice. It helps that I'm at peace with sounding a bit like a cross between Glenn Danzig and the Cookie Monster. 

Why? Because it's fun.

I enjoy the process, and am satisfied if I end up with something that sounds good to me. I find it to be a very effective way to release the stress, angst, etc. of life and my decidedly corporate day job. If others enjoy it too, all the better.



(The Cars Cover)


If You Leave

(Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark cover, with vocals by Alttara)


(ABBA cover)


(Bangles Cover)


Theme from"Happy Days"


Smash Me

Oh Crap...


The 1950s Really Sucked

A Quality Animal

For You

The Stranger

Not Home

Zero Force

Vector Seven

March of the Defective

Universal Reject

Ich bin ein Meedly-Meedly-Meedly