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Ray "Crazie Ivan" C


Playing since March 2008


Markers: -CCI Phantom

- AGD 68 Automag

Tippmann 98 custom   


Other Notable Gear: -PB Virus Hopper (Awaiting Repair)


Team Affiliation: None


Bio I love paintball and I hate talking about myself. The End. 


Most Memerable Moment: At Fox 4’s Red Dawn scenario game me and Anthony had just been reinserted when someone asked us if we would help with a mission to protect a bridge for a certain length of time. When we get to the bridge there is 10-15 guys milling around waiting for some Wolverines to show up. I suggest that around 5-6 guys move up a good length in front of the bridge, so we could engage first and fall back if things got bad. So Anthony, me, and about 5 other guys start moving up, we happened to be near the edge of the field so we went along the tape. Well somewhere along the line all of the other guys except one deserted me and Anthony. So it just Me, Anthony and some guy with bunny ears, but we haven’t found any enemies yet so we keep moving up. We eventually get to this big netting which we get behind, and just as we take cover the other team comes pouring out of the woods. There was easily 60 or more of them, and I promise that is no lie or exaggeration. We went down in a blaze of glory and took quite a sizable number of them with us.