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Game 7 (8/24/2008)

Sunny  76*

Outlaw Game 7, Great day, had 10 people show up in the end.

Game 1: Me and Rob vs. Ray, Chris and Ben (Everyone else showed up later.) I went Far side, Robby guarded the center and Near side. I ran into my Ditch, I was on the other teams half of the field now.

I love my ditch, it has several rocks around it so you can shoot around them, plus you can pop up from different spots. Only problem is leaving it, its hard to get out of while under fire.

Ray ran to the triangle bunker a short distance away, maybe 30 feet. I cock it and fire. Phut. Thats not good. I try again. The ball goes all of three feet. I frantically try and fix my marker as Ray charges, shooting. Running up, he nails me in the top of the head with a shot from his Black Maxx. I've been getting shot in the head a lot lately. I've had lots of lumps.

Oh well, I'll get them next game. Robby was taken out in short order. Sorry bro, couldn't help you.

Game 2: This game was a little more interesting. The Teams were Ray, Robbie and I against Duncan, Ben, Chris, and Kenny. Erik would be our Medic, and Ian would be there medic because his Ion had no air. Basically, you just had to run back to the medic and tag him and your back in the game.

We started at the top again, and I ran to the Far side with Robby. Ray was going Near side to hold them there. Plan was for Ray to hold the enemies on his side at bay while Robby and I circle around the Far side to get behind them, and enclose them and (hopefully) shoot them.

We take off, and take cover in the two semi-straight log bunkers on the far side. We had limited cover in front of us, but from where the other team had gone, to MY tower or staying in their base, we were safe. Moving forward, I catch a glimpse of a white t-shirt in the woods to our right. Semi-out of bounds. Oh well, what can you do, theres no real line for the out of bounds. I tell Robby this, and continue moving forward to try and get a shot on Duncan or Chris near the Tower.

My Tower.

Anyway, I hear movement behind me and too my left. Right under my nose Ben had moved up to the triangle fort, and was on top of Robbie. Robby was ten feet away from him, dead to rights with no cover. I made a desision then. I did not want to let my brother get lit up by Ben. Trying to figure out where I was, the players in the other bunker would have a perfect shot on me. I didn't care though. Jumping up, I sprinted towards Robby and Ben at full speed. I flew across half of the field in an effort to save my little brother.

Leveling my gun, I circled the triangle bunker where Ben had taken cover and was preparing to shoot Robbie. I wrapped around the bunker yelling, "Surrender! Surrender! Put your gun down!" Ben said, "Okay! Okay!" and surrendered. I saved my brother. The game took a more dire plunge when we headed into the forest to try and circle around the enemy.

Of course, they know where we are now, and Ray had to leave to fix his gun. So it was just us. The enemy was slowly tightening the noose as they surrounded us. We tried to move up, but we were pinned down. I ruined my shin on a rock when I dove into cover. The other players eventually retreated, which gave us a huge break. We ran forward, almost to the trail. Then, I sprinted/crawled (It was an interesting combination, to say the least), into the other teams home fort that they had just vacated. Kenny started to shoot at me from a aluminum sheet about twenty feet away. I had good cover in that direction, as it was their home base.

Chris was leading Duncan and Ian around behind us into the woods, where we had no cover. I shot Ben (who was hiding with Kenny) in the gun, but he called himself out anyway. (Gun hits don't count.) Kenny ran out of air/paint. So I had another crazy idea.

As paint splattered around us from Chris and Duncan as we cowered behind the shred of cover we had, I yelled to Robby, "Run and jump! Let's go!" Hopping up, I took three steps and hurdled the wall of the bunker which was more than waist high. I had just watched the Olympics, so I think I got about a 8.2, I kinda slipped on the landing. I dove back behind the wall of the bunker on the outside. I yell to Robby to do the same. As he shoots once, he does the same thing. Step, step, up and over! We both made it. I had led Robby all game, and he was doing a great job following my direction, and was doing a pretty good job. He had required some persuading to crawl across the path in the open, but I timed it right and he made it. Chris continues to advance, while Duncan stays back and rains in fire.

Chris is proving to be a formidable opponent also. He advances quickly, is a reasonably good shot, and has a good grasp of tactics/strategy. Anyway, he shoots Robbie in the groin, but it bounces. Ray runs back, he has fixed his gun (kinda). Duncan runs out of something and calls himself out, and Ian goes with him for some reason. So now its just poor Chris against us three. I flank around as he moves to his right, and I have a shot but I'm running out of air. I'm pretty sure Ray shot him, but he was out in the end.

Game 3: Matty and Danny had showed up, finally, but with everyone almost out of air and paint this would be the last game. We decided to play Bridge, with Matty, Danny, Ian, Kenny and I going to the concrete channel, and Ray (using my Zeus), with Robbie, Duncan, Ben, and Chris on the closer side of the Bridge.

We started, and I went along the Beaver dam side, my right. I advanced quickly through the trees and. With only a few feet between me and water, I didn't have much room to maneuver. Matty and Ian began to engage enemies on the right side, the side that slopes down.

A shot suddenly tears into the brush near me from my rear. I yell back to get my teammates to stop shooting at me. Matty relays the message, and Kenny and Danny run up to me, and Kenny apologizes. After a few minutes they fall back, thinking they could do more damage on the other side supporting Matty. Matty points to where they are from the left side of the path, and I run across the path to a small tree to try and shoot down on the opposing players.

As I run, I see Ray at the back of their area behind a small tree. Once I reach cover, I spin around and shoot Ray. He walks off. Robbie starts to fire on my tree, and with my limited cover I return to the right side of the path. I continue moving forward, trying to get a better position where I can shoot the players in the small valley on the left. Right before I move up to the Beaver dam, I see Chris on my side of the path, moving forward. Once I have a shot I take it, and I hit him. Apparently it bounced, so he ran away. I move forward, shooting at Robby and Chris every now again from across the path to keep them honest.

Then, I see an unfamiliar shape on my left. Its loks like a pack, or maybe a leg. I shoot it. No yelp of pain. No movement. Hmm. I shoot it again. Still nothing. I found out later Ben had dropped his bag on the field, and I spent several minutes staring it down!

I continue forward. Matty relays the other teams' positions. I hear the other team scrambling around in the brush below me in the small valley. I decide to take another risk, it had been working out well today.

I charge across the path, noticing at the last second Duncan and Chris to my right, and Robbie on my left. I partially take cover behind a tree above them and yell, "Surrender!" Duncan complies, but Chris starts to shoot at me. Duncan has to curl up to avoid being shot by his teammate. Chris was not going down without a fight.

Maneuvering left, he tries to shoot me. I return fire, and after several bounces I score a hit. I spun around, yelling for Robbie to surrender also. Surrounded and outnumbered, and right in front of me, in my sights, with no cover, he surrenders. Smart decision I think. So that last game, I was 5/5 in eliminations. Great day of play, hopefully we play again in a couple weeks.