Hi!  It's Shawn again, here to show off my various video and audio comparison projects.  The most recent are at the top, and I'm always adding new things!  :D  Nsashaell members' comments on the videos can be found next to each one.

Note:  I have moved any non-outdated introduction videos to the individual pages under System Members.  Make sure to check those out as well. 


In this video, six members who went to therapy appointments talk about the effects therapy has had on them and generally express surprise that the entire thing turned out okay.  This includes me, the king of anxiety.  XD

Arion:  No kidding, dude.
Hadrien: Yeah... still think y'all were crazy for going.  No way in hell was I goin' there.
Lani:  I found it very affirming and helpful.
Allandra:  Yeah... glad I missed out on that one haha.  But I guess I'm glad it helped y'all out.

Returning to the System

Calen, our newest returnee, talks about his experience of returning to awareness after being absent for 8 years and the difficulties he's having adjusting.  I'm so happy because finally, someone else who really likes making videos who I don't have to threaten or bribe!!  ;)  This video was entirely Calen's idea.

Allandra:  This is pretty awesome.
Calen:  I was basically just babbling on and on?
Shawn:  I mostly only cut out pauses though! :D
Asulu:  That's all we need... another video person...
Hadrien:  This was a good idea.  It's an interestin' perspective.

Arion's Rant

WARNING: Cursing, emotional pain, DID references, and generally upsetting material

Arion recorded this rant after reading and watching DID-related material online.  He then asked if I would edit and post it for him.  I decided to do extremely minimal editing on this, not cutting out pauses or restructuring anything.  I think it has a lot of emotional power and his message would be lost if I changed the original recording much.

We love you, Arion.  Thank you for sharing this.

Arion: Dude, don't embarrass me.

Three Years

I've been wanting to revisit old footage that's no longer online, plus I wanted to make something in honor of our three years of knowing about our systemhood.  Then I heard this song, and it was perfect!  So, I sped up our videos to 4 times normal speed and made this music video of our journey as Nsashaell System.  I'm so happy with this!!  :D

Arion:  This seriously rocks.  The part where Allandra is doing impressions of everyone is f***ing hilarious.
Hadrien:  And Nia puttin' her paw-hands over her face.
Maika:  I like when Hadrien smacks himself on the forehead.
Liona:  This is just really funny.  So much crazy sped up dancing!
Erif:  It's interesting how much more we came to differentiate our clothes and makeup.
Maika:  Yeah, Susarin, you look weird with no eyeshadow.
Susarin:  I am happy to see that you did justice to my superior dancing skills.

How Have You Changed?

Another prompt video: this time 18 people answer the question "How have you changed over time?"  This isn't the best quality, because I somehow didn't realize how bad the lighting setup was until it was too late.  Still, the responses are pretty interesting.

Arion: I still think this prompt was kinda boring.
Shawn:  ... And yet yours is one of the most interesting?
Arion:  Whatever.
Erif:  I'm officially apologizing for how much time I take up in these videos.
Nia:  I'm not apologizing because I think it's cool to have a lot to say.  ^^


After reorganizing the System Members page, I'm adding this video of Tawni (in which I tricked him into fronting on camera XD) back here even though it was made almost exactly a year ago.  Let's enjoy the confusion.  XD

Liona: I still say this was kind of mean...
Hadrien:  Just don't film me without my permission.  -.-  I will get mad.
Shawn:  Don't worry... I know it was morally ambiguous, and it's not something I would pull on anyone who would actually care.

Your Own Life

I asked everyone to answer the question, "What would you do if you had your own life?"  Everyone except Tawni did this one!

Susarin:  Everyone claims I am scary in this video.  However I did not mention a shotgun.
Hadrien:  The gun is completely hypothetical.
Luin:  You're way scarier than Hadrien, Susarin.  Sorry.
Susarin:  *sigh* The price of being misunderstood.
Maika:  ... No idea where you come up with this stuff, Shawn.
Shawn:  You come up with a prompt then.
Maika:  Fine.  Maybe I will.

In the Kitchen

Shawn came up with the idea for this one.  He had everyone dress like themselves and do something they normally do in the kitchen.  15 people participated.  Shawn opted out because he doesn't normally cook anything, and Susarin, Asulu and Tawni just didn't have any interest in participating.  This might be our best video ever!  -Luin

P.S. Cursing warning for Arion's parts.  Lol.

Erif: Yeah... sorry for picking a mug with personal information on it.  >.>  The block-out square is really awkward.
Arion:  Seriously.  Any other mug, Erif.  Hahaha.
Lila:  My favorite part is Arion!!!
Allandra:  I like Lila at the end.  XD  Hilarious.
Shawn:  You guys did such a good job filming this!!!!  Thank you!  :D
Maika:  Well, it was a good idea.

The War Inside

I had everyone record another singing voice comparison, this time with 16 people in it rather than 9, to our current system theme song.  Bad singing warning!  Only like two people don't actively suck at singing!  (I am NOT one of them.)  People are labeled with name, gender and age.  ^^

Allandra:  Damn, Aethros.  You make everyone else sound bad.
Lila:  Not me!  I like my part!  I did good!
Shawn:  Yes you did, Lila.  It was adorable.
Luin:  I'm always so surprised when we're really different from each other...  You'd think I'd be used to it by now.
Arion:  It's ok.  I feel the same, dude.


Another Quille Update

Quille has been practicing talking more and has made really great progress!  So she filmed this and I edited it for her.

Quille:  Sticker!!
Lila:  Yeah!  Stickers!
Allandra:  ... -.-  They're everywhere, y'all... everywhere.
Shawn:  XD
Rohinar:  I like that I'm a rainbow unicorn according to you, Quille.  >.>  Because that is so not awkward.

Origin Theories

A video in which everyone except Tawni explains their individual theories about the nature of what we are and how we came to be in a multiple system.  This is probably the most interesting video in my opinion, because people have really different ideas about some really deep stuff!  I apologize for the length, though- I wanted to make sure all 15 participants had a chance to fully explain themselves.

Arion:  Wow.  That's pretty interesting.
Allandra:  You're all weird.
Luin:  It's interesting because I had no idea what most other people thought.
Susarin:  I'm surprised by how varied the different answers are, even within the spiritual or scientific categories.
Asulu:  I think this changed our views on each other quite a bit.  Most of us don't talk about this with other people and just assumed what their opinions all were.  At least I did.
Liona:  I think it's cool we all believe different things!

How Do You Feel About Being In a System?

I asked everyone to answer the question, "How do you feel about being in a multiple system?"  I even got all 16 of us to participate!  Even Tawni.  This is the first in a series of prompt question videos I intend to make.

Allandra:  Wow.  Had no idea about some people's opinions until I saw this.
Luin:  I didn't really know my opinion until I had to film mine.  >.>
Arion:  Me, either, dude.
Shawn:  Way to go, Tawni!  He actually answered this.
Lila:  I still want a bunny.
Allandra:  Sorry, Lila.  That's really not going to happen.  -.-


I asked our five drivers to film themselves using our phone and a cheap phone mount.  The results: hilarious.

Arion: HAHAHAHA Liona and then cutting to Susarin.  Funny as hell.
Liona:  Arion you curse so much!!
Allandra:  I'm like, the only sane one in this lol.
Susarin:  Mine came out... more stoic than I was expecting.
Hadrien:  Heh.
Shawn:  Thanks again you guys!

Quille Update

Quille randomly filmed this while nobody was paying attention.  She demonstrates how far she's come with learning how to form words and speak them.  We're all very proud!

Shawn:  Somehow this ended up like a commercial for gluten-free Fruit Loops.  XD
Quille:  LOOP
Allandra:  This thing is cute as hell.  As usual, you rock!
Quille:  :D

YouTube Video

This is a random and kind of long one in which everyone talks (read: complains) about living with everyone else, plus random amusing moments.  I don't think this one's our best, but I'm impressed I managed to make something out of the more than an hour of incredibly random footage that I had, so there you go.  XD  Also: major cursing warning on this one.  Oops.

Note: The House Lulin member in this one is Asulu, subtitled Lulin because it was before we knew about them.

Hadrien:  Yeah um.  I was a teenager.  Kinda weird.  Sorry about that.
Allandra:  Don't apologize for the best part of this thing.  Hahaha.
Asulu:  I thought Shawn with the phone was pretty funny.
Erif:  I'd like to point out to everyone's credit that after this was filmed, I did get my morning time back.
Nia:  Yeah.  Sniffle.
Shawn:  Erif's right, you weren't using it anyway.
Nia:  -.-  Rolling and refusing to get up are very important things to do in the morning.

In response to some misunderstandings we've been getting when coming out to people, I had everyone talk a little bit more about their own personality traits.  Specifically we discuss what within our individual personalities contradicts itself.  I'm sorry it's so long!  But hopefully it's interesting.  XD

Note: Which House Lulin member is fronting in this is unclear.  It was either Lila or Leilani, but she was talking about a combination of everyone in her House's traits, making it hard to say.

Arion:  Best part: Friday the teleporting cat.
Allandra:  I'm still super-insulted by Shawn saying he's more fun than everyone else.
Shawn:  XD  Oops.
Erif:  I had fun filming this.
Allandra:  As usual, Erif, no one can really tell.  Lol.

Nsashaell Dance Party v2

Since my video editing skills have improved a huge amount since the first version of Nsashaell Dance Party, I made everybody film this again.  It's way, way better and even more hilarious than the first time.  XD  Again, I had us each in one outfit:  Shawn (me!) is wearing turquoise pajama pants, Arion is wearing a red t-shirt, Asulu (the House Lulin member in this video) has a long-sleeved gray shirt and a broom, Allandra is wearing a pink shirt, Nia is wearing ears and a tail, Erif has a red plaid shirt and glasses, Hadrien is wearing a brown plaid shirt, Susarin is wearing a black and white skirt and Liona has a purple and blue skirt on.  People were allowed to mess with hair and makeup this time, and the guys were binding, so we look more different/like ourselves.  :D

Allandra:  Hadrien, you're hilarious.  And thank god I look less dorky this time.  XD
Hadrien:  Thanks.  I mean *raises eyebrow*
Erif:  This time I had one of Liona's terrible vampire novels.  Lol.
Liona:  I still think my skirt is epic!
Susarin:  I didn't realize I'm that scary-looking.  Ha.  Can't say that it disappoints me.
Arion:  Shawn yelled at me for basically just head-banging, hahaha.
Shawn:  You guys are awesome!  I'm so happy with this.  XD

Our Life

Hahahahaha.  XD  I came up with this on a long drive, and then made everyone film endless things for like three days.  XD  It's a music video to "When Will My Life Begin" from Tangled, one of my favorite movies.  This time everyone participated about evenly.  Again, I kept each of us in one outfit (the pajamas being the exception): Nia is wearing a gray t-shirt and wolf ears, Susarin has a shiny black shirt and jeans on, Arion is in an over-sized black t-shirt with a gray design on it, Shawn (me!) is in a short-sleeved blue patterned shirt, Hadrien has a long-sleeved brown plaid shirt on, Allandra is wearing a white sleeveless shirt with an open back and dark jeans, Erif has glasses and an orange and white striped shirt, Leilani (the House Lulin member in this one) is in a solid blue shirt and jeans, and Liona is the only one wearing shorts and has a purple t-shirt on.

Shawn:  I love this thing.  I am a GENIUS.
Allandra:  Hadrien was pretty hilarious in this.  Also, Erif playing chess with Leo.  XD
Nia: I like Allandra running outside with Leo.
Susarin:  It was convenient that one of our horses decided to come see what I was doing, heheh.
Hadrien:  It was more fun than I was expecting.