Here are our essays, as well as transcriptions of videos that are no longer posted. 

Who We Are:

Origin Theories 2 (2017, transcription):  System members talk about their theories concerning what we are and where we come from.
Who Was Here When? by Erif
Things Our Site Doesn't Say (That Need Saying) by Shawn
Body and Trauma (2016, transcription):  Niara talks about our body's experiences with trauma.
Religion In Our System by Erif

How We Work:

Fronting Schedule, Revisited by Niara
System Rules by Erif
Ages (2017, transcription):  Several people explain how mental age works in our system.

Outerworld Relations: Rules to Live By by Auralie
Honesty and Stigma (2016, transcription): Niara talks about her thoughts on the nature of honesty.
Shawn's Soapbox (2015, transcription): Shawn gets on his soapbox about common multiplicity stereotypes and thinking for yourself.


Shawn's Video-Making Tips for Multiple Systems by Shawn
The Days Project (2016, transcription):  An extensive fronting experiment is started when Niara decides to spend an entire day in the front.  Everyone eventually gets an entire day each to themselves, with mixed results.
Our Therapy Experience (2015, transcription):  System members who went to our first healthy-multiple-friendly therapist talk about how the experience helped them.