Welcome to the site of the plural system Nsashaell.

Hi, I'm Shawn, and I've decided to make this site because people have lots of questions about us.  This is perfectly understandable since our situation is kind of unusual.  We are a group of individual people, with our own thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs, who share one body and cooperate in our daily activities.  We are psychologically healthy, functional, and ordinary people who go about our daily lives much the way a bunch of roommates would if they shared a car.  Since we realized that healthy multiples exist and stopped ignoring or fighting with each other, we've embraced our plurality and flourished in a way we never thought was possible. 

Nsashaell (pronounced In-sah-shale) is an acronym made from the first letter of the names of nine people we initially discovered when we acknowledged our plurality.  Since that time, our system has gradually expanded.  We currently consider our group to have 29 members.

All of us have been around for most of our lifetime, with a tendency to "take time off" every so often.  Most of us can be traced through art, writing, journals, and even photographs into our shared childhood, when we would take control of our shared body in turn (this is called fronting).  All of us front regularly and we have divided our daily activities between us.  No one belongs more to the body than anyone else or has more ownership of it.  We have no core person; we don't feel as though anyone has split from anyone else, and do not believe ourselves to have an illness.  We cannot imagine being one person and have no desire to be one person as we believe multiplicity to be our natural state.

I hope you find our site informative and interesting, whether you know us online or off.