Welcome to the Lansing, MI Chapter of the National Stuttering Association

                                         What can this site do for you?
  • This site will give you information about the NSA Lansing stuttering support group, general information about stuttering, stuttering statistics, and lots of fun activities, such as games, and polls
  • I will update this website often with meeting summaries, next meeting dates, and studies about our awesome brains
  • This site will have pictures of members in our group, and a little of their stories
  • Together, we can highlight the great things about being a person who stutters, and discuss the challenges in a friendly and accepting environment
(Helpful hint: For pages with text, scroll to the bottom and click on the blue arrow that faces down, this will open Windows Media Player, and you can hear the text.)

                                                                     "Stutterers were put here to help people listen"                                                                                                                                            -Anonymous