Slash Stories

Welcome to my slash page. 

Stories that are finished

The Sentinel Zone - Summar:y Johnny Smith comes to Cascade to help Major Crimes with a case (Rated MA) (The Sentinel x-over w/ Dead Zone)

Learning the Truth: Summary: Justin dies and becomes an immortal. (Rated MA) (The QAF x-over Highlander)

 Stories in progress

Harry's New Family: Summary: The Sentinel and Guide adopt Harry Potter. (Rated MA) (Harry Potter x-over w/ The Sentinel (Update 12/16/06)

You Belong to Me: Summary: A young Justin is sold to a mob boss son for money. (Rated MA) (QAF)

Harry's New Family Series

Harry's New Family: Summary: Harry Potter is adopted the Sentinel and Guide.

Harry's New Family - Sorceress Stone

Harry's New Family - Chamber of Secrets