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The Sentinel Series

Making of a Shaman: Summery: Blair is taught to use his abilities. (Rating: K+)

The Birth of Sentinel and Guide: Summer: Blair has just come back from the dead, and has to now find his destiny.

The Truth: Summery: The SGC asks the Sentinel and Guide for help with a translation and the Ga'uald.  While the Angels watch over Daryl until he reaches his father in Oklahoma. (Rated K+)

Other Stories

Changes: Summer: The angles try to help the guys cope with Justin's attack. (QAF x-over w/ Touched by and Angle.)  (Rated K)

The Day the World Changed: Summary: Jim, Blair and the tragedy in New York. (Rated K)

New Abilities: Summery: After the bashing Justin's empathic abilities come out (Rated MA) (The Sentinel x-over QAF) Updated 7/4/06