The Norwalk River Valley Trail 

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Thirty eight scenic miles, from the Long Island Sound along the Norwalk River valley to the rolling hills of Danbury.

The proposed Norwalk River Valley Trail (NRVT) will provide a 38 mile route (including loops) for cyclists, hikers, and walkers from Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk, Connecticut, north to Danbury, Connecticut.  NRVT will connect to rail stations, schools and offices, offering clean, green transportation as well as recreational opportunities.

Currently, work is underway on the Wilton Center Loop, which will run on the west side through Wilton Center, and on the east side from Orem's Diner up to Cannondale Crossing and the rail station, primarily following DOT land reserved for the Super 7 project.  Construction of an approximately 1/2 mile section of trail, beginning at the intersection of Route 106 (Wolfpit Road) and Route 7, should commence at the end of 2013 and provide a vision of the completed trail.  The balance of the east side should be constructed in 2014.  Please go to The Wilton Center Loop  for more information and donation/volunteer opportunities.

In 2012,Danbury, Ridgefield, Redding, Wilton and Norwalk completed a study effort to define environmentally sensitive routing solutions for a shared use trail for recreation and transportation within the five communities along the Norwalk River corridor. Visit our 2012 Public Planning Meetings page to learn more about our public meetings.


Rain Doesn’t Dampen NRVT Groundbreaking Ceremony

By Kristin Johnson on November 8, 2013

Even the rain could not dampen the spirit and the support of the community at yesterday’s groundbreaking of Norwalk River Valley Trail’s Wilton Loop. Close to 70 members of the community came out to celebrate this milestone and listen to remarks from first selectmen Bill Brennan (Wilton), Natalie Ketcham (Redding), and Rudy Marconi (Ridgefield). State Senator Toni Boucher and State Representative Gail Lavielle praised the five towns – Danbury, Redding, Ridgefield, Wilton, and Norwalk – for their cooperation and dedication to making yesterday a reality.

Wilton’s Director of Environmental Affairs Patricia Sesto highlighted the success of the fundraising to date, making note of the critical role the benefactors’ vision has played – and will continue to play – in raising awareness and communicating the multitude of benefits the NRVT will bring to our surrounding communities. Local resident Chris Edwards added that supporting the NRVT is the right thing to do as a socially responsible community.

Local Resident Chris Edwards
Local Resident Chris Edwards
Wilton's director of environmental affairs Patricia Sesto
Wilton’s director of environmental affairs Patricia Sesto
Wilton's first selectman Bill Brennan
Wilton’s first selectman Bill Brennan

In an email to constituents, Wilton’s Lavielle, noted, “The NRVT is an excellent example of what residents of a community – or in this case, several communities – can do with an idea, hard work, and resolve. …Our region has one of the most spectacular landscapes in the country. Part of its charm, of course, is that sometimes it takes a little work to get to the most beautiful, hidden spots. From that standpoint, the trail is like magic. It’s a small, almost imperceptible touch of human intervention that, without disturbing the surroundings, makes it as easy as possible for everyone to enjoy them to the fullest.”

Weather permitting, the demonstration trail should be completed within six to eight weeks, at which time another celebration will be scheduled – a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

For more information or  to donate to the Norwalk River Valley Trail, please visit the website,Facebook, or Twitter.  

Please Join Us for the Wilton Loop

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Saturday, April 26th at 9:00 AM

Alternate Rain Date: Sunday, April 27th

When:  Saturday, April 26th @ 9:00 AM
Where: Trailhead parking is located at the commuter lot at the intersection of               Route 7 and Wolfpit Rd

Fun and prizes for all of the family!  Two new Cannondale bicycles will be awarded as door prizes to lucky participants.

Funding for the Norwalk River Valley Trail will be provided from local, state and federal grants as well as private and public contributions.

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2013 NRVT Steering Committee:

Jamar Arbelo, Lisa Bogan, Jim Carter, Linda Cook, Mike Cunningham, Victor DeMasi, Pam Elkow, Bob Flanagan, Patrice Gillespie, Stuart Green, Rob Gutman, Alex Kamen, Richard Kent, Dan Landau, Mike Lindberg, Holt McChord, Kathy Miville, Ben Oko, David Parks, David Pattee, Dona Pratt, Katherine Pytleski, Susan Robinson, Patricia Sesto, Jim Snedeker, Wayne Tinker, Greg Waters

Link to our final routing study:

NRVT Final Routing Study - Part 1
NRVT Final Routing Study - Part 2

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