8th Grade Girls

The Eighth Grade Girls Choir rehearses for one hour every day preparing for several concerts during the year as part of a single-gender group. The girls are placed in a single-gender group to better meet the needs of their emerging adolescent voices. The major performances for this group are the Christmas Concert, 8th Grade Gala Concert, MSVMA District Choral Festival, Arts Night at North and the Spring Concert. Exact dates and times are listed in the Concert Info link.
Girls in this choir will continue to build on knowledge and skills learned in sixth and/or seventh grade. It is not a problem if an eighth grade student was not in choir in seventh grade. There will be time for the student to catch up during the year (with a little extra help, as needed). Students may also be taught some basic choreography movements to be used in the Spring Concert. There will be some opportunities for solos and small ensemble work as well. The major emphasis of instruction is for the girls to have a great eighth grade year in choir as well as prepare them for participation in our award-winning high RHS Choirs.

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