Work Day Schedule Every 3rd Saturday Each Month

Garden work day is the third Saturday of each month.  The time is 8:00am to 9:30am, when it is hot outside and 8:30am or 9:00am until we're tired in the winter month.  These hours are flexible based on individual circumstances.  If you have any questions please send me an email
Please remember, each plot owner is required to participate in 4 garden work days per year.
Dianne Spradling

Work Day Items September 15, 2018   Starting at 8:30am 

>Garden shed and tool maintenance

>Weed our common area plants including Texas natives, children's plots, wildflower bowl, grape and blackberry vines and the butterfly garden.  Some of these areas have been adopted by a CGCG garden member but may need to be monitored on our garden work days.

>A copy of the garden common area layout is posted at the garden on the front shed kiosk.

>Re attach the shade cloth cover on the pergola on east side of the shed.  Bring screws, washers and a battery powered drill with screw head attachment.

>We have a new shipment of Living Earth soil.   Some owners are unable to work with heavier loads, so be a good gardening neighbor and lend a hand.

 WORK YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ON A WEEKLY BASIS and is not considered work day items

>Keep pathways around your plot free of grass and weeds

>Keep your plot free of weeds/grass, bug infested/disease plant material.


                        Help out your garden neighbor.