BEE Pollinator Conservation Study

The Study is Complete!!!!  Thanks UT for including Common Ground in your Native Bee & Butterfly Pollinators study.
Here are the 2016 findings.

      Shalene Jha is an assistant professor in UT Austin’s Section of Integrative Biology.
 Professor Jha, researchers and students will be monitoring the native bee population in our garden.  They will start in May by placing catch cups in selected areas of our garden.  They will be clearly marked and will be removed the next day.  Please work around the collection cups and try not to disturbe them.  They will visit our garden three different times during the year and again in 2014.  The data they collect in 2013/14 will be made available to us in 2016.  This data will help us to better understand what kind of bees visit our garden and what type of plant material they prefer for shelter and food.
We will be taking pictures as they visit to document their Pollinator Conservation Study.  Please make them feel welcome if you see them in the garden.
May 23, 2013 First Cup Layout
June 20, 2013 Second Layout is in the garden now!
 July 12, 2013
Bee cups were placed again.  This will conclude this years bee collections.
We will hear the results in 2016 and will start up another summer of identifying bees.