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                            YES WE CAN!!!
                                               BUILDING A BETTER GARDEN
                             EMPOWERING KIDS AND PROMOTING TEAM WORK

                                  Common Ground NRH Community Garden
                                                         P.O. Box 821353
                                      North Richland Hills, Texas 76182-1353

                                Welcome to Common Ground North Richland Hills Community Garden                           
                                                 BUILDING A SENSE OF COMMUNITY AND PRIDE

Common Ground NRH Community Garden is a group effort between The City of North Richland Hills, Davis Memorial United Methodist Church and a very enthusiastic group of community volunteers.It is our goal to build a sense of community and pride and to act as a center for educating and encouraging others to participate in gardening communities wherever they live. We welcome families with limited income or limited space to be a part of the gardening experience. We promote organic growing and being good stewards to our land and the environment.We encourage our gardeners to share a portion of their bounty with N.E.E.D.  We also have limited ADA approved beds to encourage gardeners with physical handicaps to come and join in the rewards of community gardening.

" A garden is not made in a year; indeed it is never made in the sense of finality. It grows, and with the labor of love should go on growing.” Frederick Eden, 1903


"Growth takes time. Be patient. And while you're waiting, pull a weed." ......PLEASE