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PAISANS 12, MONEY CHANGERS 10 – What a match this was! Back and forth, back and forth. We watched the Paisans and Money Changers trade points to start with, then the Paisans went on two runs, only to have the MC’s chip away at their leads.

Late in the match with the Paisans ahead 11-7 and  needing one point, perhaps nerves got the best of them for once to get that final point as they sweated it out and watched the MC’s come back to 11-10…with a shot at the end only to be denied.

Plain and simple neither team deserved to lose. It was as expected to be a tremendous final match, with the sharpshooting Paisans with their large contingent (could be Paisan A Team and Paisan B team truthfully) and the never intimidated Rhonda and Keith battling it out (and those Money Changers – call them the Buffalo Bills of the Bocce league – always right there just not enough for the whole thing – I think they’ve been in the finals more than ANYONE!)

Congrats to both teams for an entertaining 40 minutes of bocce ball that I would’ve paid $$ to see.

NEXT SEASON – So, the Happy Hour at Lou’s uh, never happened. So that’s it for Happy Hours. However, we have a special season opening treat lined up for Bocce 2015 – a big mixer with all the teams in the Garden next spring (sans the adult libations of course L ) and some special ‘speed’ matches on opening day – that will count! More next season…

In the meantime, enjoy the fall and winter and see you right back here next spring when we’ll see if the Paisans will defend their title.

ALSO – Sir Rapidresponsalot will be creating the 2014 Bocce trophy for the Paisans…we’ll have an official presentation and photos soon.

Here's your Week 5 Recap - and updated standings:

Tuesday, July 29 Games

OT-ease if you please vs. Paisans: 12-5 Well this didn’t turn out like it started…OT-ease were off to a strong start, scoring early and often. Not sure when the winds changed, but all of a sudden the Paisans were leading and just kept going.  The game was closer than the score appears, but still, the Paisans were victorious!

Chewbocces vs. SirRapidresponsealots: 12-4  If last week was the Rhonda show, then this week was the Chelsey show! The lone Chewbocce was making noise about having to play the SirRapids by herself…well turns out they have lost their mojo, even the Swedish fish couldn’t help them.  They put up a good effort, but luck was on the loner, Chewbocce win!

Rescheduled game with Paisans and Chewbocces NEEDS TO BE PLAYED THIS WEEK COMING UP!!

Wednesday, July 30 Games

TEM MEMERS 11, MONEY CHANGERS 7 – What a match this was! In very typical Tem Memer fashion they decided to win the hard way. The Memers built up a 6-2 lead and then watched it disappear. You can’t do that around Rhonda who thought the Deputy Commish may have not had the grass cut on the bocce courts on purpose – what?! – to gain an advantage. You might say the Memers were WAITING IN THE WEEDS. ‘I’ll give you $500 MEEEELLLION DOhLLARS not to mow the grass, Mr. Landscaping Man. BOOHAHAHAHAHA!’

MISSION IMBOCCEBALL 12, BOCCECELLIS 4 – This one appeared to be a domination by the MIB’s. Boccecellis looked glum as I was playing on the other court. It got very quiet like a golf match over there. Yikes.

MC’S 8 BOCCECELLIS 7 – Tough day for the Boccecellis. Rhonda said she wasn’t going to lose to BOTH commish’s in one day and she was correct. But this match was a thriller. It didn’t look that way at first. After an even first frame, the MC’s started to look like they were going to run away with the match. Aaron Johnson, Keith’s son, even had a 2-pt kiss for the MC’s to put them ahead 6-1. BUT hold on. The Boccecellis running out of time in the match weren’t finished. They tied it. Then the MC’s forced sudden death as this special 21 minute agreed upon by both squads shorter match timed out. Rhonda’s shot was pretty good and close but Carol Bartlett, a sharpshooter, was up for the Boccecellis. And she sailed it right by. She knew it. Over. Rhonda dancing the night away and redeems herself from the first match of the day.


And the Memers and MC’s battle for 1st along with the Paisans. Top 2 teams draw byes. Head to head wins will factor in.

Meanwhile, the SRR’s look like they might be finished. Not looking good for the defending champs.

And the Boccecellis? The commish’s team fighting to stay alive. With two games to go. And the Money Changers/Paisans this week coming up! More on the schedule soon.

STANDINGS                          W-L

1.       Tem Memers                         5-1

2.       Money Changers                   5-1

3.       Paisans                                 4-1

4.       Mission Imbocceball             3-3

5.       OT-ease                               2-4

6.       Chewbocces                         2-3

7.       Boccecellis                           1-4

8.       Sir Rapidresponsalots           0-5

Here’s your Week 4 Recap – and updated standings:

Tuesday, July 22

Paisans vs. Tem Memers: It started out neck and neck, point for point, for this breezy afternoon full field game. Tem Memers outnumbered by the Paisans, who came out in full force and in full tie dye gear!  Eventually someone had to win and it became clear the Paisans were running away with the game, 12-5 Paisans take down the Memers. 

Wednesday, July 23

Money Changers, er uh Rhonda 12 OT-ease 3: The best part of this match? The good sportsmanship at the end with Rhonda, who had just beaten the OT-ease to a pulp, dancing with the OT-ease on the sidelines. Yeah Rhonda did it … all alone. Not another team member to help her. A one-woman force!

Money Changers/Rhonda 12 Chewbocces 6 – Okay so Rhonda let the Chewbocces back in it a little bit. She was toying with them, sorry Chewy. Yeah I feel you Chewy. You looked a little like this afterward. Poor wookie.

Chewbocces 12 Mission Imbocceball 4: Surprisingly closer match than the score indicated, it was well played. Lots of measuring going on over there. Much better in the first game for Chewy.




Recap Game 1 - Mission Imbocceball (AKA Roll-A-Tinis, AKA Risk-A-Tinis) vs. Money Changers- well given that only 1 MC showed up you would think that he would have gotten creamed, but no he held his own and took an early lead.  MIB tried as they could and earned some points to try to catch up but to no avail. MC wins 12-8.

Game 2- SirRapidresponsealot vs Paisans- well I will keep it short…just like the game! It was blowout of epic proportions.  The uncharacteristically underwhelming performance by the Hawaiian shirted and mustached SRRA’s was disappointing but attributable to opening day jitters.  The Paisans came in and took the win 12-1.

Game 3- MIB vs Paisans-Well here was a flip in the winners with the MIB’s winning their first game of the season 10-8, invoking the 30 min rule.  Paisans were taken by surprise and the MIB made a comeback from their previous loss!

Game 4- MC vs SRRA- Once again the lone MC took charge of the game (citing fear from Rhonda) and won 12-3!


Recap Game 1- Boccecellis vs. OTease If You Please (one of our newest teams comprised of…can you guess…OT’s!)- well this one was a blowout…All I can say is that the pregame trash talking from the Commish took effect and the OT’s fell like a house of cards. Maybe it was first day jitters, but either way…the Boccecellis took an early lead and just kept going, winning their first game of the season 12-1.

Game 2- Tem Memers 12, Boccecellis 3 – Memers destroyed the Boccecellis. Boccecellis let the Memers know it wasn’t over that they might meet again come playoff time. A rumble ensued in the hallway in the hospital – er, uh, no it didn’t. They shook hands and quietly went their ways. But it would’ve been fun right?

Game 3- OT-ease 12, Chewbocces 6 – This was quite the match. It was a bit closer than the score indicated. This new team the OT-ease, they’re an interesting bunch. Watch out for them!

Game 4- Tem Memers 12, Chewbocces 11 – Our first thriller of the season. WOW. Chewbocces had a 9-0 lead. Ouch. Memers looked lifeless. Then a kiss and a few shots later and they were ‘rolling.’ Pardon the pun. They really were rolling – a lot. Near the pallino. And THEN it went to sudden death OT. And then…Ouch again for the Chewbocces. Tough one.




Tem Memers 12, Sir Rapidresponsalots 4 – a domination by the Tem Memers who seemed to ease up and let the SRR’s back in it.

Mission Imbocceball 10, OT-ease 8 – match timed out – this was a fantastic back and forth match. Tight. Well played. It could’ve gone on easily for four more hours.

Tem Memers 12, Mission Imbocceball 10 – The Memers thought they’d run away with this one. Not so fast! MI’s made this a match. It was tight.

OT-ease 12, Sir Rapidresponsalots 5 – What’s wrong with the SRR’s? Do they need new moustaches? OT-ease did this with ease. And some luck. Look at the photo!

And look how close this kiss was during the OT-ease/Sir Rapidresponsalots match. The OT-ease (white ball) had the edge – a sliver separated the white and blue ball. May not see anything so close like that again!

Wednesday, July 9 Games

TO BE MADE UP these were postponed due to rain…

  • Paisans vs Chewbocces

  • Money Changers vs Chewbocces


Tuesday, July 15 Games

TO BE MADE UP these also were postponed due to rain…

  • OT-ease vs Tem Memers

  • Mission Imbocceball vs Sir Rapidresponsalot

Wednesday, July 16 Game

Paisans 12, Boccecellis 3:

Well the Paisans were off to a quick lead and almost won without the Boccecellis even getting on the scoreboard…but then the Boccecellis started their chip away strategy, well maybe not a strategy, but they got on the board!  Alas, on that muddy field, the Paisans were victorious 12-3.

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