Networks are ubiquitous structures representing complex systems in the nature (planetary, sub-atomic, biological, chemical) as well as in the human world (social, telecommunications, Internet, transport, language, utilities, financial, knowledge, literature). Since networks are studied explicitly or implicitly in many academic disciplines, they represent natural shared focal point to be exploited in this Open Forum on Networks Research to establish and develop interdisciplinary collaborations. 

The overarching aims of this Networks Research activity are:
  1. Define networks problems in disciplines where these problems were considered only implicitly;
  2. Explore interdisciplinary research methods through shared interests in networks;
  3. Explore state-of-art networks models, data collection methods, analytical and simulations tools;
  4. Contribute to curriculum and university research culture;
  5. Prepare grounds for sustainable external support.

This Networks Research forum is funded by Bridging the Gaps program, Escalator Fund from November 2012 until August 2013. It is an evolution of the previous Bridging Fund activity that took place over the summer 2012, and which is summarized in these Proceedings pdf.

If you would like to join this forum, be added to the list of Networks Researchers at Swansea University, or to the forum mailing list to be informed about the developments and upcoming events, please email us.