1. Short Bio, Address & Contacts

Roberto Merrill is Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department at the University of Minho, where he coordinates the MA in Political Philosophy.

He is also a researcher at the Centre for Ethics, Politics and Society (CEPS), where he co-coordinates UBIEXP, a research project on Unconditional Basic Income.

He is invited Professor in the MA in Public Policies at ISCTE (University of Lisbon) and an Associate Researcher at CEVIPOF (Sciences Po-Paris).

He is a Member of the Executive Committee of the Research Committee on Political Philosophy of the International Political Science Association.

Dr. Merrill research interests within political philosophy include liberal neutrality, perfectionism and value pluralism, as well as contemporary theories of distributive justice.

He published in 2019 a book on unconditional basic income and is currently working on a book manuscript on pre-distribution and property-owning democracy.


Gabinete ILCH 2009

Departamento de Filosofia

Instituto de Letras e Ciências Humanas

Universidade do Minho - Campus de Gualtar

4710-057 Braga, Portugal