9th NRA World Action Pistol Championship
May 16 - 17, 2014
Rockcastle Shooting Center
Park City, Kentucky, USA

Rockcastle Shooting Center Welcomes the World to South Central Kentucky
Park City, Kentucky – Rockcastle Shooting Center, the nation’s premier shooting competition site is proud to welcome the 9th NRA World Action Pistol Championships. The match will take place May 16-17, 2014.

It’s only the second time in the history of the prestigious match that the United States has hosted the competition. Rockcastle Shooting Center at Park Mammoth Resort will roll out the red carpet for the prominent action pistol championship which draws competitors from around the world. Nick Noble, CEO of Rockcastle Shooting Center said, “We are honored to draw another international shooting event here to South Central Kentucky and the fact that this is a World championship makes this an even bigger feather in our cap.”

The action pistol championships which starts on May 16th was last held in Germany and will include more than 100 competitors from the U.S. and 70 from throughout the world. The list of action pistol experts registered to shoot in the match is a “whose who” list of the best shooters in the world, including current World Champions Doug Koenig (U.S. - Men’s) and Jessie Duff (U.S – Women’s). The NRA World Action Pistol Championships which is held every two years has last seen stops in Germany and Australia in the past four years.

The NRA World Action Pistol Championship match consists of four events – The Practical, Barricade, Mover and Falling Plates – which are shot over the course of two days. The aggregate of each individual’s score in the four events determines the winner of the Championship, and each competitor’s final placing. The format of the World Championship is very similar to that of the prestigious Bianchi Cup; everything from the courses of fire to the evening social activities.

The Rockcastle Shooting Center, founded in 2010 is a world class shooting sports destination and one of the newest additions to Park Mammoth Resort. The Shooting Center offers a 15-station Sporting Clay course, 5- Stand, Pistol and Rifle Ranges out to 1,500 yards, SASS Range and two 3D Archery Ranges in addition to firearms training and education. The resort also offers a small farm winery and vineyard, golf and lodging in the beautiful 100 room hotel. Nestled among the wooded ridges and valleys of the historic property, the 2,000-acre resort is located in south central Kentucky.

For further information of scheduled events at Rockcastle Shooting Center and the first class accommodations and amenities offered by Park Mammoth Resort, visit our web site at www.parkmammothresort.us or email our guest client services at info@parkmammothresort.us. Media members interested, can contact Nick Noble, at nhnoble@gmail.com or call (270) 791-0171.