About NPVS Table


The Non Profit Voluntary Sector Table of the Alberta NonProfit Voluntary Sector Initiative consists of representatives across various subsectors of the Non Profit Sector, working with Government of Alberta representatives from across numerous Ministries.

Alberta Nonprofit/Voluntary Sector Initiative's (ANVSI) purpose is to improve the quality of life for Albertans' through a viable Non-profit/Voluntary Sector (NPVS) which supports strong and vibrant communities.

The government and the NPVS have engaged in a collaborative partnership that continues to honour their unique strengths and contributions as they increase their collective abilities to build healthy, active and sustainable communities. Read more at the ANVSI site here.

NPVS members are appointed by the Government of Alberta to dialog with cross-ministerial representatives about policy, capacity building, and issues, as well as opportunities for collaboration and strengthening relationships between the Government and the Sector.

Effort is made to have leaders around the table who have a breadth of experience, knowledge, and networks that can help advance the Framework of Collaboration. We also try to find an optimum balance of rural-urban as well as regional interests and influences at the table.

Our Work

Checkout the NPVS Strategic Priorities: Here

The NPVS is working with our
government colleagues on the development of Funding Principles and Funding Practices.

Terms of reference have been developed for researching best practice about funding practices and work will commence in February 2010.

 Check out our Resource Centre HERE

When ANVSI became aware of a
workforce strategy
being developed by Alberta Employment and Immigration, it formed its HR Task Team and took the lead to address implementation of the strategies after the workforce plan was developed.

This is one example of how ANVSI contributes to building connections and cross-sectoral relationships to address real and complex issues facing the sector.

The Volunteer Police Information Check Program, now operated through Volunteer Alberta, has its roots that ANVSI Table.
The Volunteer Police Information Check Program is a three-year pilot project that began on April 8, 2009. The program reimburses police agencies for the costs of conducting police information checks for volunteers in positions of trust and authority with at-risk populations such as children, seniors and people with disabilities.