The binsreg package provides Stata and R implementations of binscatter methods, including partition selection, point estimation, pointwise and uniform inference methods, and graphical procedures.

For technical, methodological and implementation details see the following papers (and references therein):
For queries, please write to:

Upgrades coming in Summer 2019:
  1. L2 and other metrics for hypothesis testing.
  2. New command/function binsreglincom for testing of linear combinations across subgroups (e.g., H0: mu1(x)=mu2(x) for all x). For now, see option by() for joint plotting of marginal confidence bands.
  3. New command/function binsxtreg for panel data estimation, inference and binned scatter plots. For now, in Stata use the command i. or ib(). for incorporating fixed effects (as with the regress command).
  4. Handling of formulas in R package.
  5. Recentering of binscatter estimate of \mu(x) to account for additional covariates. For now, the package sets additional covariates at zero.
  6. Backwards compatibility with Stata 13. For now, Stata 14 or better is needed.

Implementation in Stata:
  • To install/update in Stata type:
net install binsreg, from( replace
Implementation in R:
  • To install/update in R type:
Last update: March 19, 2019.