I am a PhD candidate in the Vancouver School of Economics at the University of British Columbia.  I am on the job market this year, and will be available for interviews at the 2017 CEEE meetings in Toronto, and the 2018 ASSA/AEA meetings in Philadelphia. 

I am an applied micro-economist working in the areas of environmental economics, industrial organization, and program evaluation. My main work is on the design and evaluation of environmental policy, with a focus on firms.

My job market paper (with Jevan Cherniwchan) is on the role environmental regulation has played in the "clean-up" of the Canadian manufacturing sector. Working with a new confidential plant-level dataset, we estimate the effects of a major revision to Canadian environmental policy on the pollution intensity of manufacturing plants. We find evidence that regulation causes manufacturing plants to become less pollution intensive, but that there are large differences across plants and pollutants. In particular, regulation causes relatively productive plants to become less pollution intensive, but a reduction in output from less-productive plants.

I have previously published work on climate change policy and trade law relevant to environmental management.

I can be reached at [npmnajjar] at [gmail.com].