Net Privacy Monitor (NPM) is "as is" network security (freeware) which monitors your Windows shares.

Net Privacy Monitor is very handy. Once you configure it a first time, you can forget about network sharing problems. You only need to select restricted groups or users and Net Privacy Monitor will automatically detect network share and notify you about a network sharing detection.

The application is portable; you need just download, extract it from the archive in your own place and run.
  What will it do?
Net Privacy Monitor informs about new connections to your share files and folders. In normal condition, the program is minimized to system tray next to the clock of your computer, and reminds of itself in the event of network activity.

  How does it notificate?
NPM may inform you using PopUp window, sound, icon animation it the System Tray.

  Why NPM?
You forgot opened Windows share with a important documents and someone decided to take advantage.
Computer started to work slowly becouse someone downloads a movie from it. 
You are interested in any of your open network folders are most popular.

  For whom?
First of all, for the users of a local network.

The program is not firewall-ohm (firewall). Its function is not changing system settings, as well as the work of the system. NPM does not give access to your system, just as it does not close yourself on your LAN. 
In order that would expand the program, use the menu, double-clicking the right mouse button on tray icon (near the clock). Double-clicking in the list of the main program window allows you to filter the data.

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  • New debug version New bebug version of NPM was uploaded today Dec 28 2010. What's new: - Main Window size is changeable now; - Exception list concerns to Log file ...
    Posted Dec 28, 2010, 1:33 AM by Almaz A
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