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North Pasture

The North Pasture (NP) is a hunter's paradise full of a variety of animals both native and exotic. The rugged brushy terrain along with the grassy hillsides provide excellent habitat enabling the animals to thrive. The NP is hidden in the hills of Central Texas just outside the city of Hamilton. The ranch is convieniately located 2 hours southwest of the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area and only 1.5 hours from Austin. In 2008 we released 7 whitetail bucks with super genetics (200+") to breed with the native does inorder to provide trophy class bucks year after year. When it comes to exotics we have many quality animals in a variety of species providing us with awesome year round hunting.
Elk, Red Stag, Axis, Fallow, Blackbuck, Aoudad, Texas Dalls, Hogs........
Whether you're an experienced hunter or new to the hunting world, a bow, rifle, or muzzleloader person, young or old, the NP can provide you with the hunting adventure that we all dream about! We offer a number of hunting packages as well as custom hunts to fit you and/or your groups needs and budgets. Our goal is to provide you with a hunt of a lifetime that doesn't take a lifetime to pay off!
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*****Now Offering***** "Ultimate Package"

1 Trophy Exotic (Any Species), 1 Trophy Ram, 1 Doe (Any Species), and 1 Hog! (2 Nights Lodging Incl.)....$2,950


"Ultimate Hog Hunt"

Now offering the pig hunting adventure of a lifetime in Hamilton, TX (2 hours Southwest of DFW).  We have gained access to tons of premier hog hunting places on which we ride out on gentle horses with excellently trained hog dogs for an amazing  hog hunting adventure.  This is your chance to catch a wild hog with your bare hands, or for the faint of hearts, we bring pistols for backup.  If horses aren't your thing, we also offer the same hunts out of a polaris ranger.  Our typical hunt usually last about 2-4 hours and usually end up catching 3-4 hogs on each outing.  The well trained dogs sniff out the pigs and the chase begins, some hogs run for a mile while others stand their gound.  Our "Ultimate Hog Hunt" is only $500 per person (group discounts available) and includes one night's lodging at our hunting cabin, which provides an excellent environment to build a campfire, cook steaks, and relive the day's adventure.  It is a fully functioning house with central heat/air, dish network, outside grill, and full kitchen.  Food not included.  For more info or to book give Jarod a call at 806-470-9797, jensor79@hotmail.com


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 What makes the NP different than every other hunting ranch?
When you book a hunt at the NP you're signing up for an action-packed, fun-filled adventure. Not just going to sit in the stands a few morning and evenings then just laying around (unless that's what you want).  Actually alot of our friends enjoy the time inbetween hunts just as much, if not more, than the hunt itself.  We have access to a nice, inexpensive 9-hole golf course just 3 miles away that is always a ton of fun.  We often have skeet shooting competitions, pitch horseshoes, or go fishing in one of the many tanks.  We do some day time predator hunting or go hog hunting with dogs (I guarantee stabbing a live pig will get your heart pumping!).  Night time is full of all kinds of excitement.  We go spot lighting for varmints (rabbits, coons, hogs) on smooth riding polaris rangers, predator hunt, and do deer surveys.  It's always enjoyable sitting around the campfire telling hunting stories and grilling burgers, or just relaxing under the stars.  All of these things are free of charge and included in the NP experience!!